ROCOR-MP’s New Attack on American Metropolia: Starve Disabled Monks

Anniversary of the Repose of Metropolitan Valentine of Suzdal
January 18, 2013
Bishop Photius of Triaditza Marks Anniversary of Consecration
January 20, 2013

ROCOR-MP’s New Attack on American Metropolia: Starve Disabled Monks

According to an email from a well-placed hieromonk in the ROCOR-MP, insiders within World Orthodoxy are initiating “investigations” into an alleged “disability scam” among members of the American Metropolia, or as they derisively refer to them, “LoBuites” in New Jersey. As the fact that only two older monastics at the Abbey of the Holy Name in West Milford, NJ recieve disability payments for a number of debilitating illnesses is well-known among Orthodox in the area who know them, the alleged “investigation” is being done with the intent of harming them.

One disabled monastic now fears he will be removed from his home of nearly 10 years, without reason, because of the threat of a supposed investigation for the ‘crime’ of being disabled with several chronic physical conditions from a young age.

The letter, sent by Fr Ambrose (Mooney), an Australian hieromonk in frequent communication with Metropolitan Hilarion (Kapral, ROCOR-MP) of New York and Bishop Jerome (Shaw) of Manhattan and often an announcer of their intentions and plans, was sent to a friend of NFTU, who forwarded it to us.

Sent: Sunday, January 20, 2013 3:03 PM
To: ****
Subject: LoBuites in New Jersey are being investigated for working a scam with their disability claims

****, I’ve just heard from a priest working in social services that the LoBuites in New Jersey are being investigated for working a scam with their disability claims.

Which of them reside in New Jersey?

As Mooney knows from having studied the Metropolia for years, only Holy Name Abbey is an active Church in New Jersey.

Unfortunately, New Jersey’s policy guidelines indicate that this behavior as well as violating the confidentiality of recipient records is illegal and against state policy (See Policy document, section 2.A.2.b,d here), and the Abbey intends to file a complaint to the department and assist in the pursuit of those who would abuse their position in government to harm defenseless people, bearing in mind the terrifying possibility that religious bias is being used in determining denial of benefits for the elderly and disabled. While the Metropolitan simply dismissed the claim of fraud as “ludicrous”, he did indicate he intends to reproduce the email and send it to local authorities shortly.

What’s particularly disturbing is that this is being initiated by a so-called “clergyman” in a secular position. We hope that this is a great misunderstanding, because such a person doesn’t just deserve to be deposed– such a one should have no access to state records, and should be immediately terminated from his position, as the public trust is placed in jeopardy.


  1. Athair Ambrois Maonaigh says:

    I think somebody may be pulling your leg. Why on earth would your Social Welfare Department take seriously asccusations from a man in the South Pacific who has never set eyes on you and knows zilch about your personal income, your employment, your state of health or state of disability.

    • NFTU says:

      Beats me, but as far as the Abbey is concerned, given your propensity for gleefully announcing to third parties your Synod’s plans to harm people and justifying it, I think your “leg-pulling” may have gone too far when it involves elderly disabled monks. As I understand it, a complaint will be filed with the department this week. If you made the whole thing up and there isn’t a priest about to use religious bias to hurt disabled people, then an investigation will clear all that up.

      This isn’t the Soviet Union, the birthplace of the MP. Last I checked, it’s not ok to harm people because of their religion here. In almost all cases, it’s basically illegal.

      • Athair Ambrois Maonaigh says:

        Who is this priest?

        Why do you speak of a “new attack” by ROCA? What are the “old attacks”?

        Who are the “disabled people”?

        • NFTU says:

          Considering it was your letter….

          I’m sorry. I don’t have time to play today. I am REALLY busy.

          • Athair Ambrois Maonaigh says:

            So are you, whoever you are, one of the “disabled people”? i don’t see the connection between your religion and your disability?

          • Athair Ambrois Maonaigh says:

            Dcn Joseph: “or
            as they derisively refer to them, “LoBuites””

            Don’t you remember? I coined that
            appellation right after you started calling us Sergio-Metaxites. At least I
            thought I had coined it but someone on paradosis said it was already in

          • Athair Ambrois Maonaigh says:

            Dcn Joseph: “Starve Disabled Monks”

            Last month I sent money to one of your ex monks Elia Armisted who was
            starving in his campervan in a parking lot in Misssissippi. I’d be happy to see what I can do to help the monks starving at Holy Name Abbey. Just let me know their names and bank details. One begging bowl to another, as they say.

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