Romanian Patriarchate Monastery at Lake Frumos Ceases Commemoration of Bucharest Patriarchate


NFTU: The letter was addressed to their former bishop, Archbishop Varsunufie of Ramnic. The monastery at Lakel Frumos was the second Romanian Patriarchate monastery to cease commeoration; the first was the Hermitage at Oituz Cacau in early July 2016. Here is the text of the letter:


Your Eminence,

As a result of recent events in the Orthodox Church, concerning the Synod in Crete, we the congregation of the Monastery at Lakel Frumos, at the commune of Vladesti, Valcea, do know the following:

  1. Organizing the Synod, in its many aspects, deviating from the tradition of the Ecumenical and Local Synods, sought to established papal infallibility in the Orthodox Church.
  2. The document “Relations of the Orthodox Church with the Rest of the Christian World” represents the ID or business card of the heresy of ecumenism.
  3. Also, in this Document, in Section 22 it specifies that “the preservation of the Orthodox Faith is ensured only through the conciliar system” and this system is “the highest authority in the Church on matters of faith and canonical decrees.”  However, the highest authority in matters of dogma is the clear conscience of the Church. For this fact in history is borne out by some Councils being called ‘right-believing’ [dreptmaritoare] and others are known as ‘robber’ [talharesti].
  4. In the document “The Sacrament of Marriage and its Impediments,” in section 2 entitled “On Impediments to Marriage and the application of economy,” there is given the possibility of the allowance of marriages between Orthodox and heterodox, in breach of Canon 72 of the Quinisext Council, which state that these marriages are prohibited.
  5. The letter which I sent on this on 20.07.2016, your Eminence avoided to let us know what your official position was concerning the situation of the Cretan Synod.
  6. So far you haven’t given a veto over the Council.

Therefore, according to Canon 15 of the First-Second Council of Constantinople (861), which refers to the cessation of commemoration of an hierarchy, the brotherhood of the Monastery of Lakel Frumos has decided to terminate commemoration of Your Eminence.

Brotherhood of Lakel Frumos Monastery:

  1. Hieromonk Abbot Gregory
  2. Monk Chiriac
  3. Monk Athanasius
  4. Brother Valetrica