RosOC republishes the Letters of a Catacomb Bishop online

The letters are here, in Russian.

( The letters of a catacomb bishop “and to this day, are one of the most striking and conclusive evidence of prayerful struggle of the Russian Catacomb Church against the enemy of the human race, and Her firm standing in the Truth. Letters serve as an instructive example for us all – those of little faith, and sinful people, and erase all facets of doubt, who have not yet established themselves in the Church of Christ. There are eight letters. They are written by a bishop of the Catacomb Church. And they were kept in Petrograd, in the Orthodox community, Father Michael Rozhdestvenky. Their first publication appeared in 1992, № 14 of the journal “Russian shepherd”, published by the Russian Orthodox Church Outside Russia. And they are fully published in the journal “Bulletin of the True Orthodox Church”, in the issues from 1996-98….
“The letters of the catacomb bishop” were repeatedly copied by hand and spread among Orthodox Christians. This was done for the edification and strengthening of faith. For obvious reasons, the name of the author’s letters to the addressee’s name at that time was impossible. From the text of the letters can only assume that they were written in the late 1940’s.
“Ispovednik” publishes them in connection with the frequent passage from the Moscow Patriarchate to the RosOC. After reading the letters, additional explanation and commentary is not required. Everything becomes clear and understandable.