RTOC: Pastoral Visit to Australia

While Metropolitan Hilarion of ROCOR-H is busy presenting the Kursk-Root icon in Russia (and Bishop Gabriel apparently gets much needed rest), the ROCOR-A and the RTOC have been filling the pastoral void in Australia that has occurred with the ROCOR-MP union. NFTU has reported on the ROCOR-A sending priests and Bishops to Australia, and now RTOC is conducting pastoral visits there. NFTU

(catacomb.org.ua) The Chairman of the Bishops’ Synod of the RTOC, Archbishop Tikhon of Omsk and Siberia, and Deputy Chairman of the Synod, Archbishop Benjamin Black Sea and Kuban visited Australia on a pastoral mission at the invitation of the clergy of the Australian Diocese.

Schedule of the visit was very tight and intense: visits the parishes of the Diocese of Australia under the omophorion ROCOR Synod of RTOC were conducted, worship and pilgrimage to the Orthodox shrines of Australia, and meeting with clergy and flock of ROCOR who had not accepted the union with the MP. More information about the visit of bishops RTOC in Australia will be announced.