RTOC: Report of Archbishop Tikhon of Omsk and Siberia at Clergy-laity Meeting of the Diocese RTOC-A Australia

Dear in the Lord, fathers, brothers and sisters!


Merciful Lord Jesus Christ bless our good intentions, and gave us the opportunity to meet you again in Australia on our next, the traditional annual meeting. Today I will talk about some of the events in the life of the Church: both in the homeland and abroad.

As you know, I have to travel a lot on the church need not only in Siberia, but also visit Ukraine and other regions of the former Russian Empire, including the Diaspora. Any try to use this trip to learn about the life of the parishes, communities, the spiritual condition of the clergy and laity: what issues they care about how they see the way of our future development, the life of our Church.

The main difficulty that we face all the time, and that is equally acute in front of us, in Russia and Abroad – is a shortage of clergy for the care of our flock. ‘The harvest is plentiful, but the laborers are few “- the word Savior is very important for all of us. Our parishes, our communities are in Russia – usually small – are scattered over vast areas. Few of the priests of our Church serves one parish, we have to go, so that people have the opportunity to confess and receive Communion at least once every two to three months. This means that our clergy of his life in the road. It’s a big load, but our priests perform their pastoral duty without complaint, and bishops can not hear any complaints from them.

Most of our parishes are without a permanent priest – in the absence of a priest people on holidays and Sundays come together for prayer and service is deducted worldly rank. So lived our catacombniks many decades, and so still live on many of our parishes. Prayer allows us all to keep a spiritual unity. That church, Catholic prayer keeps this unity alone behind closed doors, or house of prayer is not enough.Therefore catacombniks sought – despite the risk of being open – to gather a total of church prayer, even if the prayer was not a priest.Many of our parishes have to continue this tradition, although, of course, already in other settings, more free.

Another difficulty that we have in most of our communities – the lack of churches. It is not even on large and spacious churches, such as you have in Sydney or we in Omsk, and all of the temples. Typically, in these communities is a family that allocates part of the house or apartment under house church – in such cramped conditions and hold services in most of our parishes.

Therefore, I urge you, my dear: appreciate what you have , what gave you the merciful Lord. You have a beautiful church, you have the priesthood – wonderful pastors who ministers who have many decades, who know you and you know it. Keep your unity, protect it, appreciate this unity above all .

I want to mention one important feature: our church is growing . We constantly come people – and one by one, and the families, large groups and parishes with priests. People are looking for the true Church and find it. This is a welcome development! For example, over the past year, will join the ranks of our clergy – was taken six priests, four of the MP and the two of ROCOR (A). There are priests of the MP, applied for admission – from Tashkent and from Birobidzhan. They have yet to meet in person and then decide on their admission.

Sure, it’s great when people start to think about what the MP is something wrong, start looking for the true Church and find it. But it must be said that, coming from the MP, people bring with them, and her illness – much of unhealthy, delightful than contaminated, poisoned spiritual life in MP. And for us it is a big problem – you need a lot of time, effort and patience to explain to people, tons ofwhat they used to mean by MP Orthodoxy, Orthodoxy is not often that it is a fake, and often very clever. If people understand it, they gradually begin to heal, really enchurched, maintain a healthy spiritual life – that is, to become Orthodox . If not, if his patriarchal charm they refuse to recognize the spiritual disease that came to the True Church, it should be abandoned – they usually do not stay on and go in search of loved ones currently in spirit charmer.

At the time, Metropolitan Vitaly said that the greatest temptation, the greatest temptation for us, the Orthodox are not Catholic or Protestant, while the Moscow Patriarchate. Because Catholics and Protestants all clear, here Orthodox man do no wrong, and the MP is very cleverly disguised as Orthodox, creates a very clever forgery Orthodoxy.

Of course, all of us, and you included, are closely following the developments in Russia, and we know what is happening literally collapse of authority of the Church in the public consciousness. That the Orthodox Church as such, because the vast majority of people associate with the Russian Church of the Moscow Patriarchate. MP is so fused with a criminal state, and that the higher clergy, and all the clergy it is losing ground. Never ending scandals of ‘patriarch’ Cyril, with the bishops of the MP, only confirms the fact that the MP has become a huge corrupt body , an appendage to the corrupt state, it is less and less a sign of the Orthodox Church .

I mean, of course, internal signs – signs of spiritual life, the children of the Church leading to salvation, not external – A magnificent, glittering domes of temples, magnificent service, etc. All this – external brilliance – the MP with the surplus, but the inner spiritual life where there is little, or is it replaced by a substitute, imitation of the spiritual life – the struggle with the TIN, veneration of saints dubious historical figures and so on.

We can testify to that, because every year the MP comes to us many people who bitterly in the heart tell us about distortions in the life of the Church, which must be a reflection of the Orthodox faith. We can attest to the fact that the MP lost salt orthodoxy, which means that there is salvation, not only questionable, but impossible.

In this – the greatest crime of the Moscow Patriarchate. She has substituted him in the minds of most people, the True Russian Orthodox Church, deceived them and this is a huge mass of deceived people into the abyss of perdition.

Yes, that’s right: MP today, with ‘patriarch’ Cyril has all the signs of ‘evil-doers of the church. ” If the atheist Soviet government MP was a ‘harlot church’, but now it is almost formed in the ‘church evil-doers. ” This important difference: it is not just fornication with anti-Christian power ‘under the gun KGB pistol’ (as we say about Sragorodskom Metropolitan Sergius and his successors), but it voluntarily, in full freedom, with freedom of choice, chose this bogootstupnichesky apostatical way. Stress – free and voluntary .

That is, the MP knows that it is not the Church, not the Bride of Christ , knows what it is – a whore , but she is not just true to its fallen state ‘under the circumstances’, as it was twenty or more years ago, MP, being a whore deliberately disingenuous, calling himself immaculate Bride of Christ . This brand new state of spiritual apostasy that would be very difficult to recognize, if not for the help of God. The Lord hath made numerous scandals in the MP that people genuinely veruyushim think, but still in the MP, it was easier to see the depth of their fall ‘of the hierarchy. ” And note that ‘Hurricane scandals’ literally rained since 2007 – not to you, to our former colleagues, – the part of the Church Abroad, which is connected to the MP, – saw a hole in what they were?

Given all that has been said above, at the last meeting of the Synod of Bishops decided to hold the 2013 consecration of the cathedral of the Church. This will be the second council, the previous – the first of our Church – met in 2008. Council on the future, we should discuss various burning issues of church life, including our relationship to the MP, given that the process of apostasy in the MP is not static, but is developing at an alarming rate. I hope that the Australian Diocese, with significant experience of church life, will actively participate in the preparation and work of the Council. All you care about, that you would like to discuss at the Council, your thoughts and suggestions, please send them in to the Pre-Council of the Synodal Commission.

If you follow the publication on our website, for reports of past meetings of the Synod, we have an idea of what events are taking place in our Church, both in the homeland and in the Russian Diaspora, what issues and problems examined our bishops to the Synod of the past summer RTOC, which was held in Odessa.

It should be noted that there is a general question for all (or almost all) of the RTOC parishes, both in the homeland and in the Diaspora – a possible union with the various parts of the once united Russian Church does not have at present to each other or the eucharistic or prayer communication. Such unity is waiting for us, our Lord Jesus Christ, the more so if we consider ourselves part of the Universal Church.

The reasons for the separation are well known – chief among them – a conscious, deliberate and well-prepared by the association of certain of the Synod of the Church Abroad with the Moscow Patriarchate, and it would be correct to say – the absorption of the Moscow Patriarchate of the Russian Orthodox Church.

I think that the future of our Church this theme – possible unity with those who have remained faithful to the course of confession True Russian Church, will be one of the principal. I note that in his time on this world was expressed this thought:  Healthy church forces are in all parts of the divided now the True Russian Church … Most of all are equally detrimental reject retreat Sergianism, ecumenism, new style, modernism, samosvyatstvo, fanaticism and sectarianism, and other fruits of apostasy. All we reject being built ‘new mirovoy order’ Antichrist. We all profess the true Orthodox doctrine and ecclesial unity of the Holy New Martyrs and Confessors of the Catacomb Church and the founding fathers of the Russian Orthodox Church. Between us there is no doctrinal differences. We are united in the holy Orthodox faith in our Lord Jesus Christ, and a sincere desire to follow the truth. All that separates us – the human, earthly, temporary, it can be overcome with a total and sincere desire for reconciliation and unity, to keep the commandments of God. ”

The problem of the desired unity is very complicated and its solution, in my opinion, is not without great effort and patience. And then immediately have to say about the main criteria to be applied to the church groups, which is expected to hold a dialogue with a view to the establishment of prayer and Eucharistic communion. We know that the main features of the True Church of Christ are intact Orthodox Faith, the apostolic succession and the legitimate ecclesiastical authority. On this basis, and should engage in dialogue with the church groups that are ready for such a dialogue.

However, with the church groups who do not see themselves as a branch, located on the trunk of the Local Russian Church (now separated), and an independent tree church – a dialogue does not make sense as long as they are not aware of this error and will not abandon him.

Now a few words to say about the planned second Council RTOC.

First of all, the alleged subjects of the future council.

Here is a sample list of topics that are expected to be considered and discussed at the Council which is vital for us.

So, the theme to the Council:

1. Our attitude to the ‘official orthodoxy’, his condition at the moment (this may affect the specific acts of apostasy leaders, including, and especially – in the MP, where these ‘acts’ more than enough).

2. The deepening of globalization and in the mire of our response to these processes. I note that the shepherds, and the more hierarchs should know the spirit of the time, because people go to them, so the theme of universal apostasy and globalization is very important and urgent, as they say – is important to us.

Here I would like to comment briefly on the situation in the world’s official orthodoxy.

At present, the management of almost all official churches are conscious apostates, who, in collaboration with the secret government mirovym finish building new world order, bringing the coming of the Antichrist. By its very nature the werewolves, they are not formally alter Orthodox dogmatic teaching, but kill a living faith in the hearts of his flock, to teach them to lie and hypocrisy. important part of modern Orthodox m irovozzreniya is the correct assessment of the current era . The focus of modern Orthodox people should not be dogmatic disputes of the past, most of which were completed in the period of the Ecumenical Councils, and eschatology issues – globalization, the construction of a new world order, and coming in on this wave of anti-christ. It is relevant to this eschatological issues and now shares the Orthodox zealots on MIP and apostates.

Departed are known by the sign, which is firmly fused with modern authorities, joined the new m irovoy order and actually contribute to the globalization m IPA and build the kingdom of the Antichrist, while trying at the same time maintain a formal dogmatic, canonical and liturgical part of the Orthodox Faith, which partially prevents flock recognize retreat hierarchy. 

However, among the zealots can be serious deviation from the true path of the church.

The holy fathers taught to walk by the king. In church life we find on one side: ecumenism, Sergianism and so on. heresy against which we already have immunity. The other extreme, on the other hand, it is no less dangerous – ‘orthodox’ sectarianism, the desire to question the whole spiritual experience of the past, reassess its position to impose their own understanding and to his Church. In the language of Orthodox asceticism a condition called charm . Risk of ‘orthodox sectarianism’ less noticeable, not so brightly colored, difficult to distinguish. Enemy distract from it, turning our attention to other, more traditional church hearing disorders. Devastating consequences for the church as the procession on a sectarian way can be disastrous. A very thin line separates the true traditionalism of the struggle for flimsy, sometimes pagan stereotypes. Ignorance of the true church tradition, lack of education and a fair, unbiased approach to the history and spiritual life of the people leads to the fact that the zealots rush to protect their own delusions, if they are the supposedly secular establishment of our pious Orthodox ancestors, soul-searching for the truth, as it were, far they are actually defended by Holy Scripture and Holy Tradition of the Russian Church.

Very often we encounter the phenomenon of the struggle for the purity of faith – this struggle, unfortunately, tends to turn into aggressiveness and bezsmyslenno defending their own prejudices, willfully introduced into service in the form of spontaneously created their own rites of prayers, pamphlets with dubious teachings of the Young pseudo-elders , etc.

3. Our attitude to the various groups in the CPI as the homeland and in the Diaspora, and to other local CPI, the possibility of dialogue and, as a result of dialogue – a possible mutual recognition and entry into the Eucharistic prayer and communion. This is what I said at the beginning of detail of the report. It’s time to think about starting a dialogue with those who are willing to open mind, an open mind to go for such a dialogue.

4. Changing the Grade welcome as clergy and laity, as a consequence of our definition of ‘official orthodoxy’ in the previous council, provided the entry of MP in association with Catholics. The implication here is more rigorous attitude to the priesthood, turning to us mainly from the MP – namely, the adoption of the document – Confession of Faith , to the clergy, coming from the MP could confirm in writing his renunciation of the false position of the MP. For example, these: obschepatriarhiynoe Sergians story as false and contrary to the teachings of the Orthodox Catholic Church, the admissibility of co-operation with the persecutors of Christ and His Church, and the validity of any false testimony in favor of the persecutors and the betrayal of his brothers in the faith – that is, the so-called ‘special wisdom’ Sergianism . Rejection of such compromises, supposedly required for the ‘good of the Church’, that is the preservation of its external organization, the rejection of false principles and pastoral duhovnichestva, rejection and anathema heresy of ecumenism. The rejection of the offer of the opportunity, and, in particular, the sale, the holy sacraments and other rites and non-religious non-church people who do not want to bring tribute to repentance from sin and morally corrected, the recognition of such actions sacrilege officials to condemn both the supply and take-up. Rejection of all manifestations of modernism in the liturgy and in the Christian life as undermining the foundations of true Orthodoxy, cast out from the soul of the fear of God and the need austerities raising ‘human retreat’. Conviction and commitment to scrupulously avoid distortions in the sacraments: oblivatelnogo (or okropitelnogo) baptism, general confession, arbitrary cuts in the liturgy, weddings marriages illegal or inappropriate for the time funerals atheists, suicide or voluntary cremated and similar phenomena common in the MP, the obligation not to commit to worship pagan and Masonic symbols (mourning before the ‘eternal flame’, etc.) as blasphemous against the Church, and other such distortions.

5. Must be included for discussion at the Council on topics shepherding duhovnichestva, on the Family in the current difficult times, training of clergy – resumes Pastoral School, the piety and morality as the basis of life of Orthodox Christians, etc. etc.

6. Be sure to light up at the council held in Chernigov in 2011 Conference ‘underground church in the USSR’, to highlight the most impressive and current reports, prepared for distribution to members of the Council, and then among the flock RTOC in the homeland and in the Diaspora, brochures, conference materials, on CPI. Now some of these materials can be found on our website ‘Church Vedomosti.

7. Be sure to provide for the possibility of inviting the Cathedral of observers from other True Orthodox jurisdictions, which may in the future union.

These are only my suggestions, which were considered by the Synod of the summer, but the list of topics can be developed and complemented.

For the smooth conduct of the future council was asked to form several committees at the autumn session of the Synod of the RTOC.Chief among them – Pre-Council Committee, which shall consist of a reputable, knowledgeable history RTOC priests and laity. The functions of the Commission is to gather material for a forthcoming Council, form the topics for consideration at the Council, etc. and submit proposals for consideration and approval of the Synod. Discussion topics should be open discussion papers to be published on the websites of the RTOC, etc.

Then – a commission to raise funds for the Council, which is divided into those who will shape the funds in Russia, and those who work in this field abroad.

At the last meeting of the Synod decided to establish the Fund for Assistance to the Russian True Orthodox Church, as it was once in the ROCOR. Without this fund is very difficult to solve many organizational questions: for example, one of the most pressing – the continuation of our seminary, which managed to produce one course students, but because of a lack of funding forced to suspend the following two training courses. And this is extremely important – we ourselves, in our own environment, educate our pastors. Do not rely on what can be lucky, and come to us from the MP is not another charmer, and a good father – and to educate ourselves and teach our future pastors, in the tradition of our own, and the Catacomb Orthodox Church, not in the tradition of MP . Now Synod decided to reopen the seminary, but no money is almost impossible. I mention only one example – the seminary, but a lot of questions – this holding Holy Council, and help our needy parishes in temples, and the content of our sites, and publication of the Service for the priesthood, magazines and books of our church, and so on. Therefore, I ask you, as your strength and capabilities to assist us in the church’s construction. In the near future the site will appear on the Fund for indicating the current account.

We would like to mention one very important event that, at first glance, does not directly concern the Church, because it was of a secular, scientific in nature, but which, in fact, served to strengthen the authority of the True Orthodox Church, and even more, to protect it . I am referring to the historical scientific conference ‘underground church in the USSR’, which took place last November in Chernigov. The organizers of the conference were members of our church, especially a lot of work for this sister Lesna Monastery.

We managed to collect a representative scientific forum. To the conference for the first time brought together scientists who study the history of the CPI, the Catacomb Church, and which are independent of the official patriarchal attitudes towards Sergianism, iosiflyanstva etc. I stress, because it is important that the former Soviet Union conference on the history of the CPI, was held for the first time, like there was no precedent.

Why is this important? Why was this conference?

A careful analysis of publications in last 7-8 years, the history of the Russian Church in the twentieth century, to analyze the articles and books that are published in the MP (and worse – not only in MP, but, for example, in the Russian Academy of Sciences and other public research institutions in Russia), it is impossible not to notice one characteristic feature, a new trend , which appeared in the official ideology of the MP. It is very different from what it was 15 years ago.

The gist of it is that now I do not defend unconditionally Sergius and his church policy, as it was when Alexei Ridigire. In MP, a number of articles and books, where the policy of St. Sergius and Sergianism says quite critical, sometimes even more critical than ever in the publications of the Russian Orthodox Church, but now with links to documents from closed before the state archives. These articles are published in print, even theological academies MP. That is, if under Patriarch Alexei and Sergei sergianism unconditionally justified , and all who did not accept sergianism – Catacomb Church and ROCOR – declared schismatic, now, with Cyril, the Sergianism says fulltruth, there is nothing hidden.

It would seem that this can only be welcomed, if not a ‘but’. One fly in the ointment makes unfit for consumption, the whole barrel of honey, those who did not take sergianism who separated from Sergius, despite the fact that his policies have been disastrous for the Russian Church (it is now recognized) – continue to be divisive. That is true, canonical Russian Church, in spite of the treacherous policy of Sergius, remains the same Sergianist MP. It turns out a logical contradiction, but it is in this is the main goal: to recognize the harlot She’s a Whore, but said that only she is immaculate Bride of Christ . As an example, here is a book by a well-known contemporary church historians MP Sergei Bychkov ‘Bolsheviks against the Russian Orthodox Church. ” It turns out that what I said at the beginning of the report: the formation of children in MP (and, note, thoughtful children, those who might have learned of Sergianism, leave MP) Psychology and mirovozzreniya ‘church evil-doers. ” This break of logical thinking is intentional. Let’s see what comes out of it.

If it can be just like that, by the example of St. Sergius and Sergianism, combine incompatible (Belial with Christ) – to recognize that Sergius bowed precursor arntihrista and remain the only true Russian Church, therefore, as a natural conclusion from this – when the official church worship is the real Antichrist out of it, too, is not necessary (and even more – you can not) go, because it will still be the true Church of Christ. Accordingly, those who separated from the church evil-doers ‘for fidelity to Christ and preserve the purity of Orthodoxy’, will be dissenters. Spiritual danger of such a facility is obvious, but that it is systematically carried out in the MP under the guise of the publication of ‘the whole truth about Sergianism’.

Another striking example of this trend is the book of the Russian Academy of Sciences Officer Alexei Beglova ‘In search of innocent catacombs’, published jointly Academy of Sciences and the Publications Board of the MP. This book systematically shown that the Catacomb Church was that after the war all mirovoy True Orthodox Christians joined in the MP, and those who are not united with the MP – not just the dissenters and sectarians. The true catacombs existed only in MP parallel with its open parishes … That is, you and I, brothers and sisters, in their view, the sectarians, and they – the True Orthodox. It is the same ideology of ‘evil-doers of the church’, dressed in scientific clothing. Their mission – to capture and consolidate this bridgehead on it to the public consciousness firmly engraved: only MP true church, and all that does not apply to MP – sectarianism.

The purpose of the conference, therefore, lay in the fact not to let the MP master completely scientific space. This is the space in the public consciousness, where we can still get through to the human heart, where else can you say firmly and strongly that the Catacomb Church did not disappear, not merged with the MP and not degenerate into sectarianism, and preserved, and there still. This conference has achieved the main goal. She received wide public and scientific impact. Now we need to make the effort to fix it, so it does not remain only in the air. To this end, in particular, need to publish a collection of conference materials.

Concluding this brief review of developments in the life of the Church, will express the following thoughts.

When the ship is at sea a dangerous place, the ship must all stand each in their places.

Here and in the life of the Church: here one has to be in place, and standing in his place, in good conscience perform well that he was entrusted with.

Let the pastor best performs his pastoral duties, even singing imbued with consciousness of the importance entrusted to do, let the readers read without haste and carelessness, department of external church life let them do their job as church work, not mirskoe trading business.

In the church really should be forgotten everything personal. Petty vanity should be completely left us, to be one thought: ‘What is best for the Church?’

There can be no room for the idea that this was up, and I was lower, and it offends me, I’m hurt.

All is vanity of vanities, all is mirskaya filth!

Let it be for the good of the Church!

The inner life of the Church must be built with the entire principality of church rules, the law of the Church, with love, with a sense of responsibility to God.

Here is the performance of all of these conditions with the help of God and our most difficult days of our parish and the church will thrive and live a spiritual life. In order for all this to happen, everyone has to feel the sense of the Church – it’s all rather than ‘insofar as’!

Now, brothers and sisters, what I wanted to say. Of course, only in the report can not grasp, the Church’s life is deeper and more complex. Therefore, if you have questions, please ask, I am happy to answer them.

I would like to finish the report with, where I began it: we cherish our unity in Christ . Remember that ‘… Every kingdom divided against itself is brought to desolation, and every city or house divided against itself shall not stand “(Matthew 12: 25). The enemy is skilled in deceit. We see this as an example of how he managed to seduce the Church Abroad, the former stronghold of true Orthodoxy for decades.

Save yourself the truth, even being in the True Church of Christ, in our time, it is very difficult, but with God all things are possible.Importantly, do not forget to do his commandment: ‘The fact shall know all that you are my disciples, if you have love for one another. “By the Lord Jesus Christ given us the law for a quiet and peaceful lives of the people assembled and united by ties of church unity, and other worldly ties. What is this law? – “Carry each other’s burdens, and so fulfill the law of Christ.” ‘Wearing one another’s burdens’ – it means, yes, we see shortcomings of people, but do indulgence, not condemn the people themselves, because we ourselves are far from ideal. There is no way! If we love each other, cherish, cherish our unity – that stand in these difficult, the last days. Remember that we, the True Orthodox Christians – very little. Take care of each other. Cherish our unity in Christ.


 + Archbishop Tikhon of Omsk and Siberia,

Chairman of the Synod of Bishops

Russian True Orthodox Church

Sydney, Lidkomb, September 16, 2012,

Cathedral of Our Lady of Kazan