Search for 10th Century Anglo-Saxon Abbey

September 22, 2015  (Source:


Archaeologists surveying a cathedral’s precincts are hoping to uncover the location of its walled Anglo-Saxon predecessor. Peterborough Cathedral was built by the Normans after the 10th Century abbey burned to the ground in 1116.  Cathedral archaeologist Jackie Hall said the aim was to learn more about the Anglo-Saxon monastery because “we don’t know enough about that”.


It is more than 30 years since a dig discovered a small area of wall.  Dr Hall said: “They found the bottom of the wall, which was built out of bright yellow mortar and stone. “We’re trying to trace the wall through to another area.”
This survey is using a ground penetrating radar, which uses pulses to map the subsurface. Dr Hall said: “The signal goes into the ground and reflects from all the layers that are below and bounces back.” She said it was “too early to say if we have found the wall” but remains “optimistic”. The Anglo-Saxon monastery was built on the remains of an 8th Century monastery destroyed by the Vikings.

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