Suspension of Former Bishop Seraphim Jovanov

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Mr. Goran Serafim Jovanov

P. O. Box 3080, Port Adelaide Adelaide, SA 5015


Dear Mr. Jovanov

By the Decision of the Holy Synod held on 11th of April, 2021, Metropolitan Nicholas – Primate of the church, presented to the Holy Synod the great concern and the sad situation of Bishop Seraphim of Macedonian True Orthodox Diocese for Australia and New Zealand.

ln my report was presented a Confidential letter sent to Bishop Seraphim on December 17, 2020, also I approached him on the Facebook messenger regarding the Aboriginal issue in Australia and his determination to lose the parish of Sts. Peter and Paul for his political wrong view, up to the present time the incorporation is still pending due to his carelessness.

Not cooperating with the Mother church in USA, he took a very wrong path on his Episcopal commitment and duties.

His Grace was taken a very different lifestyle which is inappropriate to Orthodox Bishop.

The Holy Synod decided that Bishop Seraphim to be suspended as a member of the Holy Synod, as Secretary of the Holy Synod and laicized from all his episcopal, priestly orders and to return just as lay member of the church. He has no right to serve as an Orthodox Bishop or priest anymore. All these taken in consideration of the holy canon of the church, the holy scriptures, and the statutes (By Law) of the Orthodox Church.

The present document together with the earliest suspension document will be published on NFTU.NET, and other legal authorities will be informed as well.

Wishing you all God’s blessings on behalf of the Holy Synod

+Metropolitan NICHOLAS

Primate President of the Holy Synod

Suspension of Mr. Jovanov Nr.2 DS