Synaxis at Volos Issues Support for Romanian Patriarchate Non-Commemorators

Note of Correction: We have been informed by a source at this meeting that Fr. Theodore Zisis has only stated that he will cease commemoration if corrective measures are not taken by the Metropolitan of Thessalonika to condemn the Synod of Crete.

NFTU: the following is being reported on the Romanian site “Graiul Ortodox


A synaxis of Orthodox clergy and monks from Volos on supporting the monasteries, hermitages, priests, monks, and nuns from Romania who have ceased commemoration of their Bishops due to their acceptance of the so-called “Holy and Great Council of the Orthodox Church ” [Council of Crete], which is, in fact, the formalization of the heresy of ecumenism in the Orthodox Church:

Taking into account the fact that many priests, hieromonks, monks, nuns, and laity from Romania have distanced themselves from the canonical hierarchy of the Church according to the ruling of the holy fathers, the participants of the Synaxis at Volos (headed by Protopresbyters and professors George Metallinos and Theodore Zisis, along with Elder Eustratius of the Lavra, Archimandrite Athanasius, Proigumen of Meteora, Archimandrite Sarandi and Abbot Chrysostom of the Monastery of St. Nicodemus (Gumenisa)) , the situation should proceed as follows: it was decided that the Holy Mountain Fathers at the Synaxis of Volos , who have already completely ceased commemoration of Ecumenical Patriarch Bartholomew, issue a letter of support to the fathers and brothers in Christ who are at the mercy of the ecumenism, drawing attention that any actions by the Romanian hierarchy of a punitive nature taken against the persecuted Orthodox Fathers, Hieromonkes, monks, nuns, or laity, who for reasons of dogma have ceased liturgical communion due to the pseudo-Synod of Kolombari [i.e. Crete] are considered totally void canonically, because walling of is not a canonical schism, but a victory for healing from schism and heresy.

Although the Synaxis at Volos is composed of both fathers who have ceased commemoration of their hierarchs and those who have not yet applied this measure, all are in harmony and shall work together in Christ the Lord in liturgical communion.


Igumen Elder Eustratios of the Great Lavra on Mt. Athos

Elder Sava of the Lavra


It should be mentioned that Elder Eustratius of the Lavra had announced that commemoration of Ecumenical Patriarch Bartholomew ceased, as igumen of the monastery of the Great Lavra and Abbot of the Monastery of the Virgin “It is truly Meet”. Likewise, Professor and Protopresbyter Theodore Zisis has announced that after the Inter-Orthodox Symposium against the Pseudo-Synod of Kolimbari [Council of Crete], that he may ceasecommemoration of the Metropolitan Anthimos of Thessalonika if there is not a sufficient condemnation of the Pseudo-Synod at Crete.