Synodal Meetings of United True Orthodox: 4/27 – 4/30 NS

NFTU‘s general editor was in Greece for the Synodal meetings of the United True Orthodox between 4/27-4/30 New Style, by invitation of Metropolitan Anghelos of Avlonos and Boetia.

L to R: Metropolitan Andrei of Kyiv, Metropolitan John of NY
for North and South America, Metropolitan Raphael of Moscow,
Metropolitan Anghelos of Avlonos, Metropolitan Evgheny

The meetings had over a dozen Bishops present from Greece, Russia, Georgia, Ukraine, Bulgaria, and Latin America as well as clergy from other various regions including Western Europe and the Americas. While largely festal in nature (primarily due to the feast day of the monastery where most of the services were held, the Holy Myrrhbearers– a massive affair with over 11,000 faithful in attendance) there were a number of administrative changes that were taking place in the process.

NFTU was also able to interview Metropolitan Raphael of Moscow and ask some questions that our readers had (including the use of the Koukoul) directly, which will be shortly transcribed and translated.

To be frank, the amount of data to share with the public is staggering and we’re still putting it together. We would have been able to stream more information in real time had our equipment not failed repeatedly. However, back here in New York, we have time to organize the information we have now, so at least most of my time will be focused on getting the data for this event out to our readers. I ask our readers to help our writers and editors with news submissions as we begin to cover these historical events.

Posted by Dcn Joseph Suaiden (via Nabble)
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