3 MP Priests Leave, Join ROCOR-A

The three Moscow Patriarchate priests who wrote a letter of protest to Patriarch Kirill concerning Sergianism have left the Patriarchate and joined ROCOR under Metropolitan Agafangel. There are no comments on the story on the official site, and the jurisdictional departure was expected after the protest produced no result except the threat of deposition and suspension from the MP Bishop. It is unclear as to whether Metropolitan Agafangel expects the future all-Russian Council to treat the MP as a whole as equal members or whether this refers to dissidents within the MP.

The following is a Google Translation of the report from Portal-Credo:

Archpriest Sergei Kondakov, Michael Karpeev and priest, Alexander Lesser, clergy Izhevsk Diocese Moscow Patriarchate, have ceased in late March, the commemoration of the Patriarch, proisedinilis May 28 under the jurisdiction of the Synod of the Russian Orthodox Church Abroad, under the chairmanship of the Metropolitan Agathangel (Pashkovsky) (ROCOR (A)) correspondent reports that “the Portal-Credo.Ru”.
On that occasion the Synod of Bishops of ROCOR (A) Extra gathered May 27 in Voronezh, in the parish house at All Saints Church, in the Russian Land shined. The meeting was attended by Metropolitan of Eastern America and New York Agafangel, Archbishop of St. Petersburg and North-Russian Sophrony, Bishop of Vologda and Velikoustyuzhsky Athanasius, and not members of the Synod of Archbishop Buinsky Volga and John, Bishop of Voronezh and South-Russian Kirill Bishop of Novgorod and Tver, and Bishop Dionysius Verkhotursky Nikon.
The attendees were clergy of Izhevsk, Udmurtia Diocese Moscow Patriarchate, which was asked to take them and their communities of believers “in the status of the ROC parishes of the Moscow Patriarchate under the jurisdiction of ROCOR (A). Chairman of the Synod of Metropolitan Agafangel noted that in the history of the ROCOR precedents did not exist, because “the Church Abroad avoided interfering in the internal life of the Moscow Patriarchate, hoping for positive changes in it.” However, he said, after 17 May 2007 “hope this is no longer necessary, and because the Moscow Patriarchate has found it possible to take into its bosom ROCOR MP, then ROCOR (A)” can respond appropriately. ” The presence of ROC parishes under the jurisdiction of ROCOR (A), according to the Metropolitan Agafangel hasten the convening of the Local Council of the legitimate “free of the Russian Orthodox Church, since under the jurisdiction of ROCOR will be collected from all three main parts, which once divided the Russian Church (ROCOR, Catacomb Church and ROC). ”
Archpriest Sergei Kondakov told the Synod about the history of its treatment of the clergy with a message to terminate communication to the Primate of the ROC, the ensuing events. According to the archpriest, the vast number of parishioners has kept true to their pastors. Currently, under their pastoral care are two of the parish, in the near future may appear two more. The communities are named after the Tsar-Martyr Nicholas and Ven. Sergei Radonezhsky. At an expanded meeting of the Parish made a provision under which to conduct religious activities. Sergiy O. justified “in need of special status for their parishes need to take charge of” abandonment of heavily diseased parts of the Russian Church of the Moscow Patriarchate, in order not to tempt the weak and not to alienate a lot of church people who could take an active part in the struggle for the purification of the ROC apostate phenomena.
After a lengthy discussion, the Synod of ROCOR (A) stated: “Until the final determination of the status of the forthcoming Council of Bishops, to the parish in honor of the Tsar-Martyr Nicholas with. Zavialova, a parish in honor of the Ven. Sergius in the village Meshcheryakov (Udmurtia region., RF ) and the clergy Fr Sergius Kondakova, Archpriest Michael Karpeeva and Priest Alexander Lesser as parishes of the Moscow Patriarchate of the Russian Orthodox Church, temporarily located directly under the Primate. ”
Archbishop Sophrony (Musienkl) told the Synod about his visit to Georgia to get acquainted with the life of the parish under the pastoral care of the former Metropolitan CPI (P), Nicholas (Modebadze). Sharing their positive impressions of the trip, the archbishop invited “to consider the candidacy of the cleric Nicholas (Modebadze) for ordination as a vicar in Georgia.”
Metropolitan Agafangel said that it is impossible for ROCOR (A) recognize the bishop of San Nicola (Modebadze) because he received “in the jurisdiction of the Metropolitan uncanonical Raphael, and, in Ambrose (Katamadze), comprising a bishop of this jurisdiction Arseny.
Invited to the meeting of the Metropolitan Nikolai, after learning about the proposal of the Synod to make of him a new ordination, expressed concern that “the episcopal ordination can confuse many believers, who last took the church sacraments, and call into question their validity.” After discussion, Metropolitan Nicholas has agreed to be accepted into ROCOR (A) under the conditions presented by the Synod of Bishops. The Synod has determined him to be a suffragan bishop to the Chairman of the Synod for the care of parishes in the Georgian part of the ROCOR (A) with the title “Bishop Potinsky. Ordination was performed on May 29 in Voronezh.
The Synod also considered received wide media coverage news about nourishment bishop of the West Ukrainian-European Irenaeus parishes. According to the Metropolitan Agafangel, “Bishop Irenaeus of data exceeded his authority and committed a number of canonically completely acceptable action.” According to Bishop Dionysius, Bishop Irenaeus violated the blessing of the chairman of the Synod of the re-ordination of former clergy UOC-KP, “and thus gave to get yourself in trouble ecclesiastical political adventurism.” Following this discussion, the Synod agreed to: “Determine the Bishop Irenaeus of Lyons area in the care of the borders marked by the Decree of the Council (Western European diocese and parish in with. Booming in Kazakhstan). Available under his pastoral care to parishes in other dioceses should enter into these dioceses converted, respectively, to control these dioceses the bishops. Pending a decision on this comes the ruling bishop, except for those located in the parishes of the ROCOR. consecration, he had committed in the territory of another diocese without the consent of the Ruling Bishop and the Synod of Bishops, He hath not assume the former .
Rector of St. Cyril and Methodius Seminary in Odessa instead of the late Archpriest Valeriy Alekseyev was appointed bishop Bolgradsky and Belgorod-Dniester George.
Archbishop Sophrony reported on the passage of the priest of his diocese George Galetsky to the Old Believers, and he was re-baptized. The Synod commended the action as “blasphemy against the Holy Spirit” and deprived the dignity of the priest George Galetsky.

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