5th Century Cross Discovered in Early Basilica in Bulgaria

May 16, 2015

Originally reported on March 2

Bulgarian archaeologists have discovered a large bronze cross during excavations in an Early Christian basilica in the ancient city of Parthicopolis, which is located in today’s southwestern town of Sandanski.

The find is unique because the cross is approximately 1500-years-old – it is dated back to the 5th-6th century AD – but also because of its size, reports Bulgarian TV channel News7.

At 55 cm in length the Early Christian bronze cross discovered in one of the four ancient basilicas in Sandanski known as the Bishop Basilica is the largest of its kind to have ever been dug up in Bulgaria.

The archaeologists conducting the excavations in the basilica in Sandanski, Southwestern Bulgaria, have found two smaller bronze crosses as well.

According to Vladimir Petkov, who is the director of the Sandanski Museum of Archaeology, the large bronze cross was used by the Early Christians of Parthicopolis – they would carry it at the front of religious processions.

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