90 Years Since Communist Terrorist Attack on St. Nedelya Cathedral in Bulgaria

May 18, 2015   (Source: http://archaeologyinbulgaria.com)

Bulgaria remembers Thursday, April 16, 2015, the victims of the world’s most horrific terrorist attack of its time – the blowing up of the St. Nedelya Cathedral in Sofia 90 years ago, in 1925, by the then outlawed Bulgarian Communist Party.

The bombing of the St. Nedelya Cathedral in Sofia in 1925 murdered 213 people, and wounded about 500 others, primarily representatives of the political, military, and intellectual elite of the Third Bulgarian Tsardom (1878/1908-1944).

At the time, the St. Nedelya (“Holy Sunday”) Cathedral in Sofia was known as “Sveti Kral”(“Holy King”) because since the 18th century it has preserved the relics of Serbian King St. Stefan Uros II Milutin (ruler of the Serbian Kingdom in 1282-1321 AD). It has been known as St. Nedelyasince 1930 when it was rebuilt after the communist bombing.

The responsibility for the terrorist attack was assumed by the military wing of the Bulgarian Communist Party which acted at the orders and with funding of the Moscow-based Communist International, the Comintern, and the military intelligence of the Soviet Union (Soviet Russia until 1922) in an attempt to destabilize Bulgaria and cause a “communist revolution”there.

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