A Pink Church Grows in Russia; their “priest” compares catechism classes to “pedophilia”

(Interfax) The famous schismatic “priest” and radio announcer Yakov Krotov called the teaching of foundations of Orthodoxy in Russian schools “religious pedophilia.”

“A person has become an adult but is unable to love his neighbor as an adult, as an autonomous individual capable of his own religious choice. Such a person also flees from adults and goes to children in the schools. Such a person even begins to inculcate compulsory teaching of “Foundations of Orthodox Culture,” Ya. Krotov declared; his words were posted on Thursday on the “Radio Liberty” site.

“However,” Krotov continues, “he does not communicate any kind of Orthodoxy to the children; he delivers at best hypocrisy and ritualism and, at worst, his own infantilism in relations with people and with God.”

Krotov also noted that “one should not fear pedophiles who have united in a legal party,” as, for example, this happened in Holland, where a party of advocates of pedophilia has been registered.

In his opinion, “Russian experience shows that a party with such a name is one thing, but reality is something quite opposite.”

Yakov Krotov is a priest in the Kharkov-Poltava diocese of the Ukrainian Autocephalous Orthodox Church, which is not recognized in the Orthodox world. In 2000, along with the defrocked priest Gleb Yakunin, he founded the so-called “Apostolic Orthodox Church.” In 2008 the greater part of the members of the “Apostolic Orthodox Church” transferred to the “Apostolic Reformed Orthodox Church,” which became the first religious organization of Russia oriented to a sexual minority. (tr. by PDS, posted 7 August 2008)