Visit of Bishop Vladimir of San Fransisco (ROCOR V-A) to St Petersburg

( Bishop Vladimir of San Fransisco, one of the two original remaining Bishops of the ROCOR (V) Synod that did not form a new Synod in 2006-2007, recently conducted a visit to St Petersburg between May 25 and June 2 (new style) for discussion with various parishes who remained loyal to the ROCOR (V) Synod and did not join the other jurisdictions that had formed from Bishops who had left and reformed the Synod. The information regarding the visit, however, was posted last week.

Bishop Vladimir also initiated discussion with clergy of the Seraphimo-Gennadite communities, a catacomb group that remains aloof from the the newer True Orthodox groups in Russia.

The majority of the Bishops of the ROCOR (V) Synod broke from the Synod after a hierarchical council was not called in 2007 to help stem the disintegration the Church. On March 23 of this year, the two remaining Bishops reorganized temporarily on the basis of their respective territorial foundations.