A Very Interesting Two Months Indeed

Joe Suaiden

The Russian Orthodox Church Outside Russia, as reported on this website, has finally decided to officially join with the Moscow Patriarchate, as of just a few weeks ago.

Since then, the MP has confirmed the worst fears of anyone who ever protested union against it. The MP is hosting an interfaith summit in Russia, thus officially putting to death the idea that they are against ecumenism.

But ROCOR is still joining.

The MP has begun a process as of last year to begin taking properties from all the bodies she considers schismatic (including ROCOR’s own properties) , thus attempting to subvert the dictate of the Russian Church before 1927 that all episcopal disputes should be resolved in an All-Russian Council.

But ROCOR is still joining.

In the ecumenical sphere, things have not gotten better but worse: Ecumenical organizations attempt to pressure governments to support totalitarian dictatorships such as Cuba, while pushing a radical feminist-environmentalist agenda. The MP is fully aware of this, having some Bishops speak against the disaster, while officially retaining all its ties to the World Council of Churches and now, as mentioned, going so far as to host a Worldwide Interfaith Summit.

But ROCOR is still joining.

Most of the members of ROCOR who protested the union are already gone anyway. Many have joined the Greek Old Calendarists, the breakoff Russian Church in Exile under Metropolitan Vitaly, and other jurisdictions. So it woud seem that those who have been trying to preserve the Orthodox faith have already taken the steps needed to do so. The True Orthodox Churches continue on, doing what has been done for two thousand years.

In official Orthodoxy, Ecumenical Patriarch receives accolades for making environmentalism a part of the weekly dogma update we have grown used to receiving from the Phanar. In the 60’s and 70’s, it was about Union with the Roman Church, which has become almost a practical reality– so much so that many Roman Catholic texts indicate that the Greek Orthodox Church is a “part” of the Roman Catholic religious organization!

The “sister Church” of the Phanar since the 1920’s, the Anglican Church, has just approved the elevation of women to the rank of Bishops this week. And on one discussion board, an Orthodox laywoman laments her church’s lack of women clergy, which many in the official Orthodox Church are working hard to correct.

In other news, one of the chaotic ROCOR breakoffs from Russia, the Russian True Orthodox Church formed under Archbishop Lazar (Zhurbenko) , is sending over Archbishop Tikhon to missionize American followers and let them know what is happening in Russia as the MP continues to try to steal Churches from secret Christians who came out from underground in 1990 after the fall of communism.

He’ll be encountering a country where the majority of the Orthodox believe that all religions are the same, and the minority that don’t are splintered and fighting each other. His success, if limited for no other reason, will be hampered by the “tribal warfare” that mars True Orthodoxy in America. Perhaps he can improve the situation. Perhaps not.

But we can’t but wish him well in the attempt.