Patriarchal Residence Adorned with Opulent Italian Furniture

In a continuance of MP opulence, recent reports indicate Kyrill’s patriarchal residence is replete with 22 thousand euro tables, and 2 thousand euro chairs.  The extremely expensive furniture was purchased from the Italian furniture company “Jumbo”.  In light of recent events, noticeably, the scandal of the Patriarch’s 30 thousand dollar watch, as well as the wearing of a nearly 250,00 dollar watch by another prominent MP leader, one wonders why this desire exists from the MP to have the most expensive tastes in such things? Surely monks could do with a 1000 dollar table? Or just a 200 dollar watch? Or a 50 dollar chair?  It is one thing to have  a beautifully adorned temple; but, do monastics who are bishops need something so opulent as that shown in the picture? Surely something simpler would be in order. However, the Tobacco Patriarch has expensive tastes. The Billionaire Monk Kyrill undoubtedly has only billionaire friends.