Another MP Bishop, Another, More Expensive ($250K) Watch

The MP’s Hilarion of Donetsk is wearing a watch fifteen times more expensive than the Pope’s. By virtue of comparison, unlike Patriarch Kirill’s watch, which could be traded for a rather nice standard Russian house, Hilarion of Donetsk’s watch can be traded for a fully loaded T-98 Kombat, a gangster’s paradise of an armored vehicle running at top speeds of 110 mph, complete with DVD video system and optional mounted machine gun.

Maybe those DirectTV commercials were onto something. But then, those were about gangsters.


Metropolitan Hilarion of Donetsk and Mariupol has a Franck Muller brand watch. These watches were seen on the hand the priest during the celebration marking the 80th anniversary of Donetsk region, which, with the participation of President of Ukraine Viktor Yanukovych was held July 6 at the Center for Slavic culture.

A similar model of a clock on the site – the seller is 150 thousand euros, according to “Donbass News“.

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