Patriarch Kirill Short of Funds?

As noted in a previous article, the MP has been giving monies to the State Church of Greece during the harsh economic times. The amount goes to the sum of about $600, 000 a year. However, one is forced to ask Pat. Kyrill the question: Why the paltry sum? You are a billionaire, aren’t you? Why only 600 grand? Why not 10 million?


The MP website states that the paltry sum is supposed to go only to certain purposes, it states:

A letter has been sent to the Greek Church saying that the funds are intended for the feeding of the poor, the website of the ROC Department for Charity and Social Service reports.

A little before, it stated that the billionaire church (which is what the MP effectively is), took a number of months to raise a mere $600,000.

The Russian Orthodox Church began its fund-raising campaign in aid to the hungry in Greece on February 21, 2012.

One wonders if the soi-disant Patriarch Kyrill even chipped in himself?  Could it really take such wealthy organization such as the Sergio-Metaxakite MP nearly 6 months to raise a little more than half a million dollars for people in hard economic times in Greece? Perhaps they could have requested that MP Metropolitan Hilarion of Donetsk sell his watch to raise more funds?