MP Priests Refuse to Bless Signs in Ukrainian (But Not Signs in Polish)

During a memorial event in honour of those murdered in Solovky, MP priests publicly refused to bless a memorial sign in Ukrainian.

As reported on “Religious Information Service of the Ukraine” (which in turn was reporting on a report from “Radio Freedom”):

According to a correspondent of Radio Freedom, shortly before the event, priests of the Russian Orthodox Church ignored the request of a Ukrainian delegation to consecrate the Ukrainian memorial sign to the victims of the camps. According to the correspondent, the priests consecrated the Polish sign but ignored the request of the Ukrainian delegation to consecrate the Ukrainian sign.

This is all the more surprising when we learn they blessed the Polish sign (since Poles died there).  However as reported:

There are three memorial signs, Yakut, Polish and Ukrainian.

Hmm. Has the MP devolved into merely a Russian nationalist organization, selectively targeting Ukrainians?