US Formally Approves Aid to Syrian ‘Rebels’

(Source: Independent)

The United States has signalled it is preparing to insert itself directly in the Syrian civil war by for the first time giving direct military support, including arms, to moderate rebels fighting the regime of President Bashar al-Assad.

The move, confirmed by a senior foreign policy official, coincided with a formal determination by the White House, also for the first time, that President al-Assad has used chemical weapons in the two-year-old struggle. It was that assessment, they said, that persuaded President Barack Obama to offer the rebels military hardware.

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NFTU-Editor: It seems we’ve heard this whole story before. Maybe it was a few years ago? Can someone remind me? Wasn’t there some other country that had a no-fly zone imposed on it, as well as being middle eastern, and that was eventually toppled by Western powers? Well, there seem to be so many, that it gets confusing.  I’m sure the same intelligence agencies, power elite, and government leaders that are pushing to aid the Islamic Radicals in Syria, and to topple the Ba’athist government of Syria, have only the best interests of the Syrian people to heart!