Pat. Kirill: MP “not a representative of a foreign state.”

June 14, 2013 From Moscow Patriarchate Department of External Church Relations, it was reported as Patriarch Kirill saying, while making a recent trip to Estonia, “‘The life of the Church continues to develop despite certain circumstances, which, being a vestige of the conflicts in the 90s, have not been overcome as yet. We very much hope that all these problems will be resolved. The Estonian Orthodox Church is a Church of Orthodox people living in Estonia. She is not a representative of a foreign state, much less an agent of a foreign state who works for it. It is a local Christian Orthodox community which goes back to hundred and hundred years ago and has a very rich history. We hope that the repercussions of the upheaval of the 90s will come to an end in Estonia as well’, His Holiness said.”

This seems to be a rather interesting statement. The MP, it seems, is certainly allied with a foreign state, that is, the current Russian government. It did seem, however, that the French disagree with the assessment of Patriarch Kirill.