MP: ROCOR Metropolitan Anastassy a Fascist, “Fascist Monuments” to be removed

(source: A curious fax from 2006 has just been revealed between Metropolitan Kirill of Smolensk (now Patriarch Kirill) and Vladimir Putin. The document reveals that just a year before the union of 2007, Metropolitan Kirill’s clear position was that (a) Metropolitan Anastassy of the Russian Church Abroad was a schismatic, (b) that he was a fascist, and (c) that the cossack resistance was worthy only of condemnation. The document has yet to be confirmed or commented upon by the Moscow Patriarchate.

The documents are here.

The Moscow Patriarchate’s party line, according to this unique document, appears to be little changed from that of the Soviet period. Even the incredibly pro-union Metropolitan Laurus, who in 2007 signed the documents of union, was considered to be a fascist.

It forces us to ask: what kind of union was this? Who was behind it?