First Russian Freemasonry Exhibit in Russia in Decades

(Interfax)The State Museum of the History of Religion in St. Petersburg from July 4 to December 4 will be an exhibition on the history and teachings of Freemasonry.

The composition of the exhibition included about 160 items (mainly from the museum’s funds as well as items made specially for the exhibition by the Russian Great Hall – organization of Russian Freemasons), reported the press service of the museum to Interfax-Religion on Tuesday.

“This is the first such exhibition in St. Petersburg since the beginning of last century,” said the agency representative.

All the exhibits are linked with the history of European and Russian Freemasonry from the 18th to the beginning of the twentieth century and talk about the rituals and symbols of the Freemasonic brotherhood. Original manuscripts and documents, masonic distinctions, ritual objects (apron, master-key, hammers, ribbons), rare prints, photographs and books, certificates and diplomas, painting and sculpture will be on display….

For visitors will be replicated masonic situation room: the so-called “reflection rooms” and “room dedications.” The “reflection room”, or “dark temple”, a candidate in Freemasonry reflects on their willingness to accept the masonic oath. It contains special characters – skull, hourglass and the coffin lid, which is designed to recall the transitory nature of all being. To approve the determination, the candidate falls into the “devotion room”, where the ritual takes place.

The Masonic collection of the Museum of the History of Religion formed in 1930’s from various sources and includes exhibits relating to the period from 1860’s to the 1930’s.

Freemasonry – the religious-philosophical movement that emerged at the beginning of the XVIII century in England, where it then spread throughout Europe and then in Russia. The stated objectives of masonic Union have been proclaimed to be moral improvement, knowledge and truth itself. Each of these goals be achieved at a certain level of dedication – apprentice, journeyman and master. (Translation: NFTU)