New MP Bishop to Anadyr and Chukotka cannot make it; Bishop Diomid travels around the Diocese

(Interfax)- The departure of Archbishop Mark of Khabarovsk and Priamursk (MP) to Chukotka, where he shall take over the position of Bishop Diomid, was delayed due to weather conditions.

“Currently, Bishop Mark, together with other participants religious procession, in which he was going to come to the peninsula, are waiting for news about the weather,” said the correspondent of Interfax-Religion “on Thursday in the Khabarovsk diocese.

Meanwhile, Bishop Diomid himself, removed last week by the Holy Synod of the diocese for disobedience to the hierarchical Synod, temporarily left Anadyr and went on a trip to Chukotka. In doing so, he did not specify when he intends to return to the capital of the republic, the Bishop’s nephew, Alexander Nesterov, told the agency.

Bishop Diomid, over the past year and a half, has made a number of appeals which openly criticized the Patriarch Alexy II, Metropolitan Kirill and called for the independence of the Russian Orthodox Church: to abandon dialogue with the state authorities, representatives of other religions and denominations, as well as from active missionary activity. (NFTU: this is a reference to “youth missionary activity” done through rock concerts and other modernist communications.)

Last week, the Bishops’ Council called on Bp Diomid to an immediately cease and repent of his activities. The period was also determined during which the bishop must repent: before the next meeting of the Synod. The summer meeting of that body usually takes place in mid-July, during the celebration St Sergius of Radonezh. In case of refusal to repent before the bishop of this meeting, the decision of the Council will enter into force, that is Bishop Diomid will be officially stripped of his episcopal dignity.

Meanwhile, despite the ban on serving, also submitted last week, the Bishop held Sunday liturgy and said that he does not intend to repent. The next day he clarified that he would remain in Chukotka, and will perform whatever duties are entrusted to him. (translation: NFTU)