St Petersburg, FL Parish joins ROCOR-PSCA: Takes Building With Them

According to recent reports coming out of the ROCOR-PSCA (sometimes known as the “Agafangelite” branch of ROCOR), another parish, this time in Florida, has left as of yesterday.

“At a parish meeting held on 9/21/08, of the parish of The Holy Great Martyr Andrew the Strategist, (ROCOR-MP) in St. Petersburg, Florida ( a large Russian parish at the hub of the very large Russian community there), the parish -led by it’s clergy”– the report here lists Fr Igor Chitikov and another priest who in fact remained in his jurisdiction– voted overwhelmingly to leave the ROCOR under Metropolitan Hilarion and join the PSCA. The parish has over 180 members, and it is reported less than 10% voted against separation from the current ROCOR.