MP Supporters Bid for “Monarchist” Party

The Union of Orthodox Citizens, a Moscow-Based group in support of the Patriarchate, has joined with another group, Autocratic Russia, in a bid to start an “Orthodox” Political Party with the goal of establishing a monarchy and cementing the Patriarchate’s role in the lives of Russian citizens.

The proposed platform, according to RIA Novosti, involves first annexing Ukraine and Belarus and then proceeding with the election of a monarch. According to the article (Emphasis Ours):

Probably won’t be this guy with the Pope.

“We are registering a party that will struggle for the revitalization of Russia and our country’s traditions that were lost after the criminal Bolshevik coup,” Autocratic Russia leader Dmitry Merkulov said.

“We want the [Orthodox] Church to enhance its role in the life of our state,” he said, adding that the Russian Orthodox Church was key to the existence of a Russian Orthodox state.
Russia needs to reunify with its canonical territories, first and foremost with Belarus and Ukraine, and elect an Orthodox monarch to lead the country to its former greatness, he said.
The new party will work to reinstate religious instruction in schools and emphasize traditional spiritual, moral and cultural values.

That, and some pro-Patriarchal paramilitary patrols. Seems Patriarch Kirill Gundayev isn’t taking any chances on Putin’s loyalty.