Inter-Conciliar Committee of Abp. Andronik Responds to Accusations of “Ecumenism”


On Radonitsa [the Tuesday after Thomas Sunday] on April 25, Vladyka. Andronik, Fr. Grigory Kotlaroff, Fr. Victor Zavodov and Hierodeacon Pavel Lipin were dining at the Chinese buffet restaurant “Hard Wok”, not far from Tolstoy Foundation. As the meal was coming to an end, Archbishop Titus Eldho, an archbishop of the Syriac Church, appeared at the restaurant accompanied by several clergymen and a parishioner. Seeing these clergy of the ROCA, they approached them to exchange greetings and at the request of one of the Syrians photographs were taken together. They then went to their table.

This accidental meeting allowed Met. Agafangel to announce that the meeting was ecumenicist, that its participants prayed together, and that it followed an alleged meeting, which supposedly resolved the issue of establishing ecclesial association.

This is one more lie typical of Met. Agafangel, which he habitually covers up with references to an unnamed source.

There is no link between the Syriac Church and Vladyka Andronik, nor is there any intention of establishing a unification with it either.

Rather, in this connection, one can blame Metropolitan Agafangel, who himself uses an agent in the Syriac church, who supplies him with inside information and photographs.

Do the participants in the session of the Synod, which is taking place in Odessa these days, realize that their call to overcome the division that has happened is hypocritical, after this kind of spreading of fake news by Metropolitan Agafangel, the only purpose of which is to discredit those who refused to tolerate his arbitrariness?

The Inter-Conciliar Committee of the Russian Orthodox Church Abroad