Epistle of Archbishop Tikhon (RTOC): Nativity 2013

Every year, until the feast of the Theophany (Jan 6/19 NS) NFTU places up the Nativity Epistles of various True Orthodox hierarchs throughout the world. If our readers spot one we missed, please send it to us using the contact form at the top of the page.

Christ is born – glorify Him!

Beloved in the Lord, fathers, brothers and sisters.

When Adam and Eve fell, by the temptation of the serpent, God banished them from the Garden, and pronounced a curse which still frightens us all. Probably everyone, first permeated this story truly grieved and cried in my heart: what have you done? Why do you have deprived yourself and us all heavenly bliss? Curse of the LORD is fair, because he warned them of the death – and they are dead and doomed children to death – the death of bodily death, and death, that is, to hell instead of Paradise, after the soul separated from his body. Adam and Eve got what they deserve, what they were promised. And as we would any sad story of the first reading of the Fall, no one ever had the idea that God did to them no justice.

However, the Lord – is not only the original Justice, is the original truth, and truth is more justice . He never arrives just in fairness, does not stop there, because Truth – not retribution ‘an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth’ – so it was only in the Old Testament people. Truth – in favor. And good Lord, expelling Adam and Eve, giving them hope for a return to paradise – he promises that will be born from the descendants of Eve, someone who wins a snake and return man to eternal life. This promise of Israelis lived many centuries. Today we celebrate the event, which was the long-awaited promise of accomplishment, an accomplishment of God’s mercy to man, His forgiving love, which is a hundred times bigger than any justice – the event of Christ’s Christmas! Promising the birth of the Divine Child, the Lord as to upset the fair punishment, but only ‘like’, because all of his actions are always full of love, which is always ready to forgive and trust that he loves. God loves people – and because every time he gives opportunity to reform and restore the primordial bliss and likeness.

And, Christ on earth! Christ among the people, the promise comes true! People waiting for him for so long, finally able to see firsthand self-fulfilling prophecy, and to make sure that the heavenly Father gives them a chance to climb the sonship first place – to be children of the Father. And what happened? Oh the horror! There were many of the human race are people who not only do not meet their Lord, not only driven newborn Christ Child from the first days of his life, but life to reproach him for impersonation, cheating, even in violation of the commandments of God, and finally, kill slow painful Death: Horror, which even a soulless creature of God, the Sun, could not see and darkened:

Did the Lord, that it will be? Did he know about the terrible death of his Son, when he sent him to the ground? Of course he knew, but did not say anything about Adam and Eve. He promised them a benefit of the Messiah.

Knew, but fulfilled the promise, but he sent Christ to the earth. For what? For the sake of the tiny handful of people who saw Christ in him, took him and feel sorry for his torment, the compassionate so deeply, sincerely, that completely degenerated internally after the passions of Christ and – heart back to the old God-likeness. “Christ is born before fallen vozstaviti image ‘- today we sing about it. How much do they have? Compared with the general population of the Earth – is negligible. But those few, like the mustard seed, growing and becoming mighty leafy tree, spread the Christian faith throughout the land. Their was enough to transform the MIP. And, despite the death of Jesus, the Lord believed that among his poor children find this handful of the faithful – and it will justify his confidence. Therefore, Christ is born today, so He is with us, so we feel His invisible presence on the ground, his love and warmth in our hearts

Brothers and sisters! There is God’s providence for each of us, every one would like to see the Lord of His beloved children. Revival and holiness of each one of us He sincerely and patiently waiting – as parents sincerely expect correct your children when they behave inappropriately. He trusts us, even in our moments of falls. He believes us when we repent and promise to sin no more. He knows the enemy tempts us, and does not believe his slander, does not accept his evidence about our hopelessness. If not, if he did do justice, and to strictly punish us for our evil deeds, as befits the law, then – woe be on the ground, because every day we sin and fall, sometimes our sins deserve the punishment. But the Lord, even after waiting for grave sins – not reform a person? Do not appreciate his patience and his love? Do not remember His goodness and will not return you to the Father? Waiting, because he loves us.

When you think about it, how you want to justify the confidence of God! As i do not want to sin, not to pander to their laziness, pride, passion! How do you want to always have in mind and heart of his heavenly Father, who, contrary to justice, loves us and wants us to repentance and spiritual growth. He transcends justice for mercy – and trust us when it seems impossible. Even so we, when we think can not be repaired, abandon some sin, stop doing certain things when we think that the feat spiritual growth is too heavy for us and we could not bear – will cross through the false, vsevaemoe our enemy feel. God loves in spite of everything, waiting against all odds, against all mercy. Sometimes His forgiveness worthy of wonder, sometimes we expect a fair reward – and do not get it. So Joseph’s brothers Beautiful, having learned in Egypt faithful steward and sold their brother, afraid to look at him and expecting a terrible punishment – and he wept with joy to see them and embraced them. That’s the same mercy and embraces us, O Lord, for boundless, endlessly waiting for us to fix. Joseph waited fix brothers repented, and he favored them. It always waits until the Lord our correction?

Brothers and sisters! Let us recall an incident often God’s mercy to us, times when we forgive our loved ones when we did not get the deserved punishment. After all, we all fall down, there is no person who has not sinned, from the layman to the bishop. Let us appreciate the grace of God, His patience and forgiveness, for the Incarnation began our redemption, which makes us the death of the sons of Adam in the immortal sons of God, heirs of eternal heavenly kingdom of Christ, for Christmas to humanity is truly a window into eternity.

We will appreciate it immensely trust in us, we will try to justify it, and always be ready to rebirth and spiritual growth. Will themselves always ready to forgive and trust those who have sinned, that people can all understand and improve. Especially as we remember it today, when the promise comes true God, and his mercy is greater than most human imagination, for Christ is born today!

Christ is born – Glorify Him!

+ Tikhon

Grace of God Archbishop of Omsk and Siberia