Authorities Seize ROCOR (A) Church in Ukraine

Government authorities of the Zhitomer Oblast, Ukraine, have seized Holy Protection Church, and delivered it to the representative so the Moscow Patriarchate. This is another example of the continuing Sergianist attitude of the MP.  They must trample their immediate enemies first, before complete consolidation of power is achieved.
 Holy Protection and Archpriest Vasiliy Demechenko, was assaulted in the process of the seizure. On the live-journal of Metropolitan Agafangel. The report is as follows:

01 JUL 12.  On July 1, representatives of the MP seized our Holy Protection Church in Malin in the Zhitomir oblast.  The parish rector, Archpriest Vasiliy Demchenko, was assaulted during the incident.  The parishioners have fought for ten years for rights to the church, and all court rulings, including one from the upper court, were in their favor.  Despite this, the Zhitomir oblast authorities refuse to amend the parish by laws.  The seizure of the church (the eighth occurrence) took place after the faithful sued the local administration.  At the moment, the church is occupied by 15 representatives of the MP and surrounded by militia men.  A bus full of “supporters” is on its way from Kiev to help the occupiers.  We ask for the prayers of everyone who is not indifferent to true Orthodoxy.

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