Pat. Kirill Signs New Agreement With Papists

Patriarch Kirill and Metropolitan Josef Michalik, President of the Polish Bishops’ Conference, sign a Joint Message to the Peoples of Russia and Poland

As noted in previous articles, Pat. Kirill’s recent joint agreement and statements with the Roman Catholic authorities should come as no surprised.  However, much protestation has been given by Sergianist authorities that the statement has absolutely no doctrinal or inter-church value. The absurdity of this in the context of who are the parties issuing it has been noted.

The whole statement is cloaked as innocuous. The MP Department of External Church Relations states, “The Message, which cannot be ranked among theological or inter-church documents and does not deal with doctrinal matters, calls for reconciliation and mutual forgiveness in the spirit of Christian love.”

In his address to the assembly present after the signing, Pat. Kirill stated:

Christian faith, which neither Russians nor Poles seek to adjust to the norms of the secular world, is our treasure possessing of a special uniting potential. Speaking for the peaceful, truly fraternal development of relations between the peoples of Russia and Poland, we called for building dialogue between the Poles and Russians on the basis of traditional Christian values.

The new basis, it seems, for ecumenism, will be through the back door of ‘traditional Christian values.’  And this all sounds so plausible. In the United States, many have been standing against the evils of abortion, and they have been from a wide variety of religious groups. And, in politics this is possible, to some extent. However, how can so be just the case, of only a alliance of convenience, when Pat. Kirill, and his fellow patriarchs, are also involved in trans-religious syncretism?

The Russian Orthodox Church and the Catholic Bishops’ Conference in Poland have exerted much effort to elaborate a Joint Message to the Peoples of Russia and Poland, having persuaded many sceptics of the need for such a document. The document we have just signed is not another political declaration like those appearing en masse in public sphere, but a pastoral testimony that our faith calls us to overcome historically formed negative stereotypes, to establish mutual respect and confidence capable of opening up a prospect for common grown in solidarity and Christian love.

Not a doctrinal statement they say; but, apparently, both the MP and the Papist leaders have to issue joint pastoral statements? Aren’t joint pastoral statements issues by members of the same religion and Church?