MP and Polish RC Churches Grow Closer

The probability of their being a syncretistic religious outcome to the meeting between Polish Papist leader, Archbishop Jozef Michalik, and Sergio-Metaxakite MP head, Kirill,  seemed almost inevitable. Nevertheless, it seems the ecumenical overtones are now completely out in the open. Apparently, according to the joint ecumenical statement issued by Pat. Kirill and Archbishop Jozef ,Michalik, both MP members and RC members have a tremendous amount in common, and shouldn’t let history and religion divide them.

According to the statements made, both Russians and Poles are Slavs and ‘Christians’ and that should be enough.  Metropolitan Hilarion of Volokolamsk, head of the MP Department of External Church Relations said. “As members of one family, as Christians we must find common ground and keep our hearts open to each other.”


And he further states, “The agreement is devoid of political content and is based on the Christian understanding of sin and mercy, the disregard of which will make reconciliation between our people an empty declaration. We will appeal to the people of Russia and Poland, who understand that the search for who is right and who is wrong, as well as pride and haughtiness go against the Christian conscience,” Metropolitan Hilarion said.

Nevertheless, as stated before, how can a meeting between two former agents, who both lead politically powerful religious organizations, issue a statement and it be totally devoid of political content?  It is like the attempts of Pope John Paul II to visit Russia, which he wanted to do on many occasions; they were always proffered as devoid of any political connotations, but, they had deep ones. For a Polish Pope to enter triumphantly into Moscow would have been seen as an horrific offence of the worst historical sort; the Poles’ and Papists’ revenge for years of Russian domination, and a reminder of the Polish and Papist invasions of the land of Rus’ centuries earlier.

Similarly, how does Pat. Kirill’s visit to Poland, a former Soviet satellite state, and his meeting with a fellow agent (both traitorous to their own professed religious causes), become something devoid of political content, in both actions and statements?

Furthermore, the continued profession that this is all about preserving Europe’s Christian heritage seems to be a cover for a deeply sinister and cynical political agenda: the bolstering of Pat. Kirill and the MP’s continued loss of public (and therefore, eventually political) support.  If Kirill can make himself more widely known, identifiable, and powerful abroad, he may view it as servicing his interests on the domestic front. However, like many former government employees, especially those operating in the high bureaucracy, there is an utter disconnectedness from the reality on the ground. As the MP exists in a totally income independent position, they have no responsibility to care at all about the revulsion that is being generated against them from their own folks. When the MP train comes rushing over the cliff, many will walk away wondering, “How could this have happened? We had all the churches and buildings?”

As it is, we are seeing the ground prepared in this meeting. The next step is a meeting between Pope Benedict of the Vatican and Pat. Kirill.  But, will such an alliance between the MP and the Vatican be enough to keep the MP afloat? Somehow,  I think, in the long run, it will not. There is a dark agenda behind both the Vatican and the MP; the lesson the MP has to learn is that it’s evil is amateurish in comparison with the 900 year experience of the Vatican.