ROCOR-A: Despite official setbacks, friendly relations continue in America between GOC-Chrysostomos and ROCOR-A

Despite the setback to potential union caused by the recent exchange of letters between the Synod in Resistance, a sister-Church to the ROCOR under Metr Agafangel, and the True Orthodox Church of Greece under Abp Chrysostom of Athens, Metropolitan Paul of Astoria and his vicar, Bishop Christodoulos of the TOC-Chrysostomos visited the Holy Trinity Parish of ROCOR-A on Pentecost, continuing an annual tradition which had gone on for many years.

They met with and had friendly discussions with Archbishop Andronik of Ottawa, and congratulated Fr Vsevolod Dutikow of the Holy Trinity Parish and the parishioners for the feast. The meeting took place after liturgy, and pictures of the feast day are available on the Synodal website.