SHOCK: Portal-Credo, ROAC site, other Russian “Dissident” Sites Shut Down

(NFTU; source: also found at Daily Courier, Russia) In a shock to alternative Orthodox media in Russia, Alexander Soldatov of has reported an unprecedented number of DOS (Denial of Service) attacks intended to both shut down the independent news site and damage its content. The site has been shut down since the evening of January 23, Moscow time.

In a press release found on “credo-rating”, a temporary site now being used to maintain a news feed during the period of the Patriarchal elections, Soldatov further claimed that the hackers were attempting to destroy other sites as well, successfully closing the official site of the Russian Orthodox Autonomous Church (ROAC) and the web forums of supporters of Bishop Diomid of Chukotka (MP). Soldatov claims the motive appears to be to block out contradictory information during the election of a new Patriarch.

To us it appears merely to be an excuse for something the MP would have wanted to do long ago anyway. While NFTU remains unaffiliated with any particular news organization, this is an insult to freedom of the press. Interfax has remained silent on the matter. We decry the censorship taking place in the name of making this appear to be a “free election”.