UPDATE ON SITE CLOSURES: More sites disappearing

As was just reported, other sites used for news reference in Russia are disappearing. It appears that hackers are destroying ALL the Russian “dissident sites” within Russia. It CANNOT be a coincidence that this is occurring during the Patriarchal elections.

We believe that the incumbent “Patriarch-in-waiting”, Metropolitan Kirill of Smolensk, may well have a hand in this.

NFTU has discovered more sites that have suddenly disappeared:
http://www.apologetika.com Mech-I-Trost (Sword and Stick), A Russian news aggregator run by a part of ROCE
http://www.ispovednik.org, the official website of Metropolitan Damascene (Balabanov) UPDATED: this site is up. It may have been down due to server flooding.

Other sites, as noted previously, that have vanished, are http://portal-credo.ru, a general news site and http://www.rpac.ru, the ROAC news sites.

This is getting scary, folks. NFTU