Lebanese Antiochians Criticize MP Statement that Russian Intervention is “Holy War”

October 16, 2015  (Source: https://www.dailystar.com.lb/News)

BEIRUT: Forty-six prominent Lebanese Orthodox Christian figures signed a petition Thursday decrying the Russian Orthodox Church’s characterization of its country’s military intervention in Syria as a “holy war.” “We categorically oppose the use of religious feelings to serve political interests and we reject giving religious legitimacy to stances by countries, the activities of their armies or to armed organizations,” the petition read. It also condemned the religious justification of wars and terrorist organizations.

The signatories also slammed using “protecting Christians” as a pretext to serve nationalistic or political goals, “as some did in their defense of the Russian military intervention in Syria.”

The petition called on churches and Muslim religious institutions to support reconciliation rather than wars. “Churches and Islamic institutions are called to work to defend people from harm, aid the victims of violence and aim for reconciliation, and this role explicitly contradicts blessing wars and supporting them.”

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