Chaos in Antioch: Patriarchate Rebukes American Translation of Synodal Text

Update (6/25) Metropolitan Philip is refusing to recognize the document until independent Patriarchal confirmation.

According to OCAnews, the Antiochian Patriarchate is refusing to accept the English translations coming out of Metr Philip’s Archdiocese, such as this one, releasing their own and refusing to refer to the other American Bishops as “auxiliaries”. Perhaps now with the Patriarchate taking control from Metr Philip, the other Bishops will start communing with Monophysites here in America as official policy, something basically prevented by Metr Philip? NFTU

( The Metropolitan and Bishops of the Antiochian Archdiocese have all received the following official English translation of the recent Synodal decision, posted in Arabic this morning, as a pdf attachment, in an email from the Patriarchial Secretary, Archimandrite Ibrahim Dauod, according to letters from Bishop Basil and Bishop Mark, just released to their clergy. Bishop Basil writes:

Dear to Christ, Fathers and Brothers:

Blessings to you, your families and you confregations on theis celebration of the Nativity of St. John the Forerunner. Many years to all those who keep this as their Name’s Day!

“1 -THIS MORNING our Metropolitan and all bishops of our Archdiocese of North America received the following very important emails from the Personal Secretary of His Beatitude, ARCHIMANDRITE DAOUD( The first contains a link to the Patriarchate’s web site, and the second contained an attachment which I have attached to this Clergy Brotherhood Memo.

Please, Sayyidna, open this attachment:
Archimandrite Ibrahim Daoud


Please open the file attached. This is the final copy of Synodal Resolution.
I ask your prayer and blessing.
Archimandrite Ibrahim Daoud
office of His Beatitude“

+Basil’s letter concludes with a brief thank you from a priest in Texas. There follows the attachment from Archimandrite Daoud:


The English translation of this decision matches the one previously reported by both Bishops Mark and Basil, and previously published by

-Mark Stokoe