The Solution of the Pre-Council to Jurisdictional Overlap: More SCOBA’s

(Interfax) The Fourth Pan-Orthodox Pre-Council Conference in Chambesy (Switzerland) has agreed in its final decision to the need of equal management of the Orthodox Diaspora which was highlighted by the representatives of the Moscow Patriarchate before the meeting.

The Conference decided to create new bishop assemblies within the regions of Diaspora (Orthodox communities living outside of the area of local Orthodox churches) to include all canonical Orthodox bishops governing the communities of such regions.

“The decisions by such bishop assemblies will be made in conformance with the consensus of the Churches represented therein. The powers of Episcopal assemblies neither allow the interference into the eparchial jurisdiction of each bishop, nor limit the rights of his Church,” the official website of the Moscow Patriarchate reports of the decisions of the Pan-Orthodox Pre-Council Conference.

Before the Conference meetings, the Moscow Patriarchate Diocese of Korsun and Movement for Local Orthodoxy in Western Europe (OLTR) expressed their concern with the work of the Assembly of Orthodox Bishops in France (AEOF) officially headed by the Metropolitan of the Constantinople Church.

According to the Korsun Diocese and OLTR, the work of AEOF “inevitably raises tension and discontent”, as its head is “more concerned with interests of the Church which he represents”. Therefore, his election “by the total assembly of AEOF bishops would provide him more legitimacy.”