ROCOR-V/A: Glorification of Metr Philaret August 23 in Mansonville

Updated: the ROCOR V/A has released its official service to St Philaret here.

( Dear in Christ fathers, brothers and sisters, faithful children of the Russian Orthodox Church Abroad!

In the name of the Council of Bishops, I am informing you that from 31July/13 August to 9/22 August, 2009 the Council of Bishops of the Russian Orthodox Church Abroad will meet in the Synodal Podvorie in Montreal, Canada.

This important event for our Church introduces certain changes in the order of the Glorification of ever-memorable Hierarch Philaret, the Confessor. Specifically, that after the conclusion of the Council, on 10/23 August in the Holy Transfiguration Skete in Mansonville, the main Cathedral of our Church, with the participation of all the Bishops of our Church the all-church Glorification of this God-pleaser will take place and a celebratory Divine Liturgy to be served in the other temples of our Church.

All, who are capable, are invited to come to this great celebration of the Russian Church Abroad.

In connection with this, the Bishop’s Council calls upon our clergy and laity to prepare in advance with zealous prayer for this momentous event. So that for one month, prior to the Glorification, it behooves to serve, after the Divine Liturgy, litiyas (shortened requiem service-trans) for the repose of ever-memorable Metropolitan Philaret in all churches of the Russian Church Abroad.

On the day of the Glorification, all monasteries and parishes of our Church are required to serve a celebratory Divine Liturgy and on the eve the last panikhida for Hierarch Philaret and the all-night vigil for the new Saint.

Hierarch Philaret’s service and his icon, approved at the last Bishop’s Council, will be placed ahead of time on the official site of our Church.

We ask you to intensify your prayers so that the merciful Lord, by the prayers of His Pleaser, would allow us unworthy ones to worthily accomplish the great task of his Glorification having preceded that with a conciliar unity of our Bishops in the spirit of Christian love.

+ Bp. Vladimir of San Francisco and Western America
3 / 16 June 2009
Holy Martyr Lucillian