Non-Commemorator MP Hieromonk Open Letter to ROCOR-MP Bishops

[Fr. Raphael (Berestov) is somewhat well-known hieromonk in MP circles, who has ceased commemoration of Patriarch Kirill, stating he is in heresy. He also known for his medical conditions, specifically dwarfism]
Dear, dear Archpastors of the Russian Orthodox Church Outside of Russia, who joined the Moscow Patriarchate.
You are treated with love and hope by a small, miserable old man, Hieroschemamonk Raphael (Berestov). Before joining the Moscow Patriarchate, you were energetic, cheerful, zealous Archpastors.Back in 1938 at the Council of Bishops you warned and forbade the children of the ROCA to participate in the ecumenical movement:
“Orthodox Christians should be aware of the Holy Ecumenical Orthodox Church as the one and only true Church of Christ.Therefore, the Orthodox Russian Church Abroad prohibits its children from participating in the ecumenical movement, which stands on the principle of equality of all Christian religions and confessions. “ (Resolution of August 16/29, 1938)
In 1983, you at the Bishops’ Council anathematized ecumenism as a heresy:

“The attackers of the Church of Christ and the disciples, as it is divided into branches, differ in their doctrine and life, and affirm that the Church apparently does not exist, but from the branches and splits, the heterodox and the heterodoxy, one must be united into one body; And those who do not distinguish between the true priesthood and the sacraments of the Church from the heretical ones, but they teach that the baptism and the Eucharist of heretics persuade for salvation; And those who are in communion with these heretics, or help them, or they defend their new heresy of ecumenism, which conceives brotherly love and the unity of disunited Christians: Anathema . “

You zealously protected and protected your Orthodox flock. I thought you would demand from the Moscow Patriarchate that the Russian Orthodox Church withdraw from the “universal council of churches”, and only then would you be reunited.I asked this in a letter from your First Hierarch, Metropolitan Laurus. You were given false promises, which you believed, and you were reunited, not waiting for the termination of the ecumenical activities of the Moscow Patriarchate and membership in the “vsetz”.

I thought, well, zealous Archpastors from the Russian Church Abroad will join our Church, and they will influence our Bishops. But what do I see ?! Our Archpastors are silent treacherously! And you are silent, too ?! But silence God is betrayed!
And what do we see at the pre-council meetings in Chambesy (October 10-17, 2015 and January 21-27, 2016)? The patriarchs and elected Bishops, together with Patriarch Kirill (Gundyaev), signed ecumenical documents, which, for example, spelled out a frank heresy: “Without ceasing praying” for the union of all “, the Orthodox Church has always developed a dialogue with those separated from it, near and far, to find ways and means of restoring the unity of believers in Christ, he has been involved in the ecumenical movement since its inception, and has contributed to its formation and further development “(see.” Orthodox Church of Drinking tal Christian world “)
Returning to Russia, the Patriarch gathered the extraordinary Council of Bishops in joy and signed all the ecumenical documents on it, legitimizing heresy of heresy – ecumenism.
This is a tragedy, Archpastors! Where are the ardent foreign Archpastors of the Russian Orthodox Church? It’s a betrayal of Orthodoxy! I appeal to you, the ardent Archpastors of the Russian Orthodox Church Abroad. Repent in stupor, in fear of the Jews, be right and grow zealous for the Church of Christ!
We are all monks, Orthodox priests and laity, we pray to God that the Lord Jesus Christ will raise up fighters for Orthodoxy. You are the Archpastors, bear the Apostolic grace, be the Apostles, and not the princes! And all of us – Orthodox Christians, will be in the bosom of the Holy Orthodox Church, which the gates of hell will not prevail anyway (compare Matthew 16:18) and we will be faithful to our Lord Jesus Christ!
I ask for your blessings and prayers.
sinner Hieroschemamonk Raphael (Berastau)January 29 / February 11, 2016
The memory of the three Saints Basil the Great, Gregory the Theologian and John Chrysostom