GOC-K: 90 Years Since New Calendar Innovation

November 22, 2014  (Source: http://www.ecclesiagoc.gr)

Dear Children in the Lord,

Ninety years have been completed since an arbitrary innovation in the festal calendar of the Orthodox Church of Greece in the year 1924. This fact was the opening of the “backdoors” for the introduction of of the innovation of the heresy of ecumenism into the Church of Greece. At the same time,  there was the inauguration of the beginning of the sacred struggle for the preservation of our native Traditions, by those pious clergy and laity, namely the Genuine Orthodox Christians who stood against the destruction of Orthodoxy.

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NFTU: The GOC-K has also announced the planned formal synodal solemnization of the Fest of St. Catherine the New Martyr. St. Catherine was murdered by Greek New Calendarist forces in the 1920s for protecting a True Orthodox priest from being beat to death.  It is important in only 10 more years it will have been 100 years since the introduction of the Papal New Calendar into ecclesiastical life in Greece.  The past 90 years have certainly seen dramatic changes, with the New Calenadar establishing complete unity with the Roman Catholics and Protestants in the major fixed feasts.  This served, as noted above by Bp. Photios, as a precursor for the introduction of Masonic inspired ecumenism into the Orthodox world, led by the Ecumenical Patriarchate and the the other Eastern Patriarchates.  Russia fell, and after the Soviet government and Metropolitan Sergius had the vast majority of Orthodox bishops, priests, clergy, and confessing laity executed for refusing to declare Soviet Atheism to be a ‘joyful’ thing, any open and public church life in Russia was controlled by the heretical and schismatic Sergius after the 1930s and 1940.  With the upcoming “Great Council” being set for certain in 2016 the circle of Masonic ecumenism will be nearing total completion.