ROAC: Six More Churches taken to court for seizure in Suzdal region

Well, it appears the send “ROAC back to the catacombs” policy is going along smoothly. Over a dozen parishes are now closed– and now this? From Sept. 15. NFTU

( The Department of Property and Land Relations of the Administration of Vladimir region has written to the Vladimir arbitration tribunal a statement of claim, dated September 10, 2009, in it requests the court to take “six more rural churches of the Suzdal diocese of ROAC in the Suzdal region to release the building of churches in relation with the lack of legal grounds to use. ” Earlier, on 26 June Department to unilaterally terminate the contract of uncompensated use of indefinitely held with ROAC, and though ROAC asked for a month to vacate the premises, it was not granted. Accordingly, after two weeks the Department has decided in the courts to release the building. The claim is signed by deputy-governor Denisov of the Vladimir region, the Director of the Department AV.

On the legal side, the Department brings the same arguments as in the judicial process at the temple city of Suzdal: RF Constitution and the laws on religious rights of citizens, government decisions on the special status of religious property flatly rejected, decisive recognized only articles of the Civil Code, which, incidentally, makes no mention of the religious (or cult) property.

A date of preliminary meetings of Vladimir by the arbitral tribunal has not yet been appointed.