Court Confiscates St Alexander Nevsky temple in Suzdal

The first Arbitration Appeal court considered, under the chairmanship of the judge O.A.Bolshakovoj, the appeal complaint of Suzdal diocese of ROAC to the decision of Arbitration court of Vladimir region from 2/24/2010, taken out by judge Butinoj, concerning withdrawal from ROAC the temple St. Prince Alexander Nevsky in village center on May 12th.

The court heard arguments of the bearer of the complaint and opinion of the plaintiff. On a question of the bearer of the complaint: whether the claimant on the agreement of lawsuit, “[has filed] with the land administrations of Vladimir region those documents which are necessary for them” is ready to go, the representative of the plaintiff stated that he was not ready to answer.

After the end of consideration, the court gave its verdict to uphold the decision of the Arbitration court of Vladimir region. During announcement of the judicial certificate of the judge, understanding the injustice being perpetuated, hid her eyes, and the representative of the plaintiff looked at the floor, burnt with shame. Now believers are obliged within five days to release a temple, lifted by them from ruins, on a cemetery for the whole village and to leave to pray in their homes. Meanwhile, the huge temple of the Trinity– the cultural monument of the village– continues to collapse, nobody having claimed it. No other Orthodox communities are left in the village.