Documents Related to GOC(K)-SiR Union

Official Greek and English Texts of Document of GOC (K) – SiR Union

Official English translation of “The True Orthodox Church in Opposition to the Heresy of Ecumenism

The Official Greek texts of the key GOC(K)-SiR union document, “The True Orthodox Church In Opposition to the Heresy of Ecumenism” has been released.

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Perhaps the passage in “The True Orthodox Church in Opposition to the Heresy of Ecumenism” that has caused the most controversy among some is the following in part VI, section VI, which states:

“More specifically, with regard to the Mysteries celebrated in the so-called official Orthodox Church, the True Orthodox Church, within the boundaries of Her pastoral solicitude, does not provide assurance concerning their validity or concerning their soteriological efficacy, in particular for those who commune “knowingly” [wittingly] with syncretistic ecumenism and Sergiansim, even though She does not in any instance repeat their form for those entering into communion with Her in repentance, having in view the convocation of a Major Synod of True Orthodox, in order to place a seal on what has already occurred at a local level.”