Bartholomew: Rome and Constantionple “Sister Churches”

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March 20, 2014
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March 21, 2014

Bartholomew: Rome and Constantionple “Sister Churches”

According to the March 13, 2013 interview that Ecumenical Patriarchate Bartholomew gave to the Roman Catholic news organization ‘Zenit’:

Look, your question about how close we are to the unity of the Church and, in particular, of enabling the Christian Church (Western and Eastern, Orthodox and Roman Catholic) to breathe with two lungs, is important. There is no doubt that our two “sister Churches” are closer today in relation to the whole of the last millennium, thanks to the “dialogue of love” and the “dialogue of truth,” that is to say, the steps taken towards reconciliation and the process of the theological dialogue, which has been well underway in the last decades.


Patriarch Bartholomew then lauded the opportunity to take part in installing a Papist cardinal and in the upcoming celebration of 50th anniversary of the meeting of Paul VI and Athenagoras in Jerusalem, saying:

When we were invited to attend the Mass of inauguration of the newly elected Pope Francis in Saint Peter’s Square – the first time in history in which the Patriarch of Constantinople took part in the installation of a Cardinal of Rome – we invited His Holiness to visit us in the Phanar (the See of representation at Istanbul in Turkey of the Patriarch of Constantinople ndr) but also to organize a unitary visit to Jerusalem. This invitation became an informal custom at the time of Paul VI followed also successively with the election of John Paul II and kept also after the election of Pope Benedict XVI. However, the last of our proposals that will be realized – God willing – in a few months, is that of celebrating the historic meeting of the last Ecumenical Patriarch Athenagoras and Pope Paul VI on the Mount of Olives in January of 1964, the first time in which the Pope of Rome and the Patriarch of the New Rome met face to face since the so-called “Great Schism” of 1054. That event led in 1965 to a “mutual lifting of reciprocal anathemas” and was reinforced in 1969 by annual formal visits of respective delegations, which in 1979 also led to the creation of an international commission for religious dialogue between our two Churches. It is our earnest hope and fervent prayer that the meeting with Pope Francis will reinforce the close relation between the Roman Catholic Church and the Orthodox Church.


Originally Bartholomew had planned his upcoming ‘ecumenical council for 2015, which would have co-incided with the false lifting of the anathemas against Roman Catholicism, but, had to push the date back to 2016.







  1. Ernest says:

    I thought masons referred to each other as brothers, not sisters…

    • NFTU says:

      While I assume this is tongue in cheek, it appears the Masons have been somewhat of a mixed bag on female membership. Certainly they’ve always had some sort of female “version”, et cetera.

  2. Darrel Slugoski says:

    There are factions in the Orthodox Church other wise this web site would not exist. As a Catholic I am taught to respect the Orthodox as equal Christians. However without the Bishop of Rome as the rock/foundation there will be no unity among the Orthodox in understanding of what truth really is.

  3. Darrel Slugoski says:

    I have noticed that many of the Orthodox in the US are most likely former Evangelicals who already come into the Orthodox Church with their protestant anti Catholic beliefs. I would sujest that a general Council of Orthodox gather, with the help of the Holy Spirit, to help decide if Patriarch Bartholomew is on track. If your Counsel, which is coming up in 2016, decides that then this website should be shut down.

  4. Darrel Slugoski says:

    thank you for the websites. I have read the information and it would take me a long time to rebut much of the information but I am a 1000% sure I can do it. I still find the Orthodox overlook other comments of the early Church Fathers and express contested issues of doctrine but express it in a different/similar way. When It comes to truth there are only two churches that have claim to be the true church. All other churches must compare themselves to the Catholic Church to justify there belief systems .We still have the better argument and defense. The Orthodox have the second best defense.

    • Dcn Joseph Suaiden says:

      If you look at it like a polemical battle you’re looking at it wrong and will never get the full picture of what the Church is

      • Darrel Slugoski says:

        fare enough, however when this website attacks Catholics, condemns us and uses a polemical approach itself, it invites a response. I have reviewed different aspects of this website and I am not far off the mark. This website or group does not speak for the whole Orthodox Church. It seems to condemns its own Bishops who look at unity in a different light. The only way unity will occur is if God intervenes because both the Orthodox and Catholic Churches see doctrine/traditon as the basis for Orthodoxy and that will be a challenge indeed. Both our Bishops are addressing these issues. There are groups in the Catholic Church who are similar to this group who will condemn Orthodox in the same way. These so called Catholics make me angry as well. Let our bishops work out the details with the help of the Holy Spirit, rather then accusing them as spawns of Satan, which is the way this website seems to suggest.
        We should not shy away from debate. I like to stir the pot. Having lived in 34 countries, I see the world in a different light and detest any type of fundamentalism which this website comes across as.
        May God bless you Don

        • HmkEnoch says:

          Fundamentalism is a scare word meant to characterize anyone who takes their beliefs seriously. You should realize that this site does not acknowledged the bishops in communion with the false Ecumenical Patriarch Bartholomew to be Orthodox, but, to be apostates. We don’t condemn our own bishops, because we don’t regard those bishops (the one you seem to be referring to, i.e., those in communion with the Ecumenical Patriarchate) as true bishops.

        • ☦Borin-g says:

          You “bless” a lot. Are you a Roman Catholic “priest”?

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