March 20th Statement by Former SiR

On March 7 (OS), 2oth (NS), the former Synod in Resistance issued an additional statement concerning their union with the GOC-K.  The document can be found here. Among the more interesting statements are the following:

f. Our laborious unionist endeavor, lasting for many months, gave rise to a detailed ecclesiological statement entitled “The True Orthodox Church in Opposition to the Heresy of Ecumenism: Dogmatic and Canonical Issues,” which constitutes the sure theological basis of our blessed Union, and also an unerring guide to its broadening and consolidation.


Additional,  section h states:

h. Our hearts are turned with love, but also with sorrow, towards all those who in divers ways have contributed, and continue to contribute, to the truly “worldwide scandal” of the scission of the Orthodox in the name of union with the heterodox, and we call them to return to repentance to the immovable boundaries of Genuine Orthodoxy, within which alone there exists the fullness of Grace and Truth.



In the second section of the statement, entitled, “Specific Issues”, we have a little bit more detailed provided.  Quoting at length we have:

Holding off from informing you in greater detail about the various corollaries of this Divinely sealed Union, for the time being we cite the most fundamental points:

a. The Official Dialogue (December 2012-February 2014) led us to the realization that our Act of walling ourselves off in 1984 from our True Orthodox brethren should be abrogated, since the reasons of faith and righteousness that then provoked it no longer exist.

b. The abrogation of this walling off yielded, as an immediate result, the abrogation of the penalties imposed at that time upon our Elder of blessed memory, Metropolitan Cyprian, and also upon the other Hierarchs, clergy, and laity thenceforth in communion with him.

c. The abrogation of the walling off and of the penalties has brought the two sides back into Eucharistic communion, has already united them, by the Grace of God, in an irrefragable communion of faith and love, and has also led them to certain necessary structural changes in administration, so that the Union might be embodied and ensured in practice.


Specifically as regards the situation with the ROCOR-A, the Romanian Old Calendar Church under Met. Vlasie, and the Bulgarian group under Bp. Photii, the third section, entitled “Inter-Orthodox Deliberation and Concelebration” addresses this in the following way:

a. Another ripe spiritual fruit of the Official Dialogue is the coming together in agreement on the aforementioned ecclesiological statement (see §I.f), not only of the True Orthodox Church of the Greeks, but also of the True Orthodox Churches of the Russians, Romanians, and Bulgarians.

b. On the occasion of the God-pleasing Union of the True Orthodox of Greece, an inter-Orthodox deliberation will be held on Friday, March 8/21, 2014, here in our country, for the purpose, firstly, of confirming the already accomplished agreement of all of the Orthodox Synods on the ecclesiological statement, and, secondly, of discussing other issues, for the ensurance of this multilateral Union.

c. The proclamation and solemnization of this Union, bilateral on the one hand and multilateral on the other, will be carried out, by the Grace of God, on the coming Third Sunday of the Holy Fast, the Sunday of the Veneration of the Cross, March 10/23, through a concelebration of the Divine Liturgy by a multitude of Hierarchs at the Holy Monastery of St. Nicholas in Paiania, Athens.