Archimandrite Methodius of Esphigmenou: “We suffer patiently the terror of the Patriarch”

November 15, 2014   (Source:

Originally reported on November 05

NFTU: The reason Holy Ascension Monastery (commonly called “Esphigmenou”) is persecuted is not because they follow the “Old Calender” (i.e., traditional Church Calendar), because other Monasteries on Mt. Athos do that (except for the one with the most moral problems). It is not because they send letters of protest and condemnation of ecumenism; after all, all the other monasteries, sketes, on Mt. Athos have numerous times done this (with absolutely zero effect on the Phanar and the wider World ‘Orthodox’ attitude). No; the reason is that Esphigmenou is serious about what they are doing, and as a result will not commemorate the Ecumenical Patriarch (seeing him as an heretic), and have instead sought to commemorate True Orthodox hierarchs.  You see, Patriarch Bartholomew doesn’t care if you want to be against ecumenism, condemn his actions, use the traditional Church Calendar, AS LONG AS YOU DON’T DO ANYTHING that puts these beliefs in real action.  After all, he has not persecuted the other monasteries on Athos though they have claimed and professed their anti-ecumenism constantly. And as regards anything done by his allies in the State Church of Greece, he will merely send a pro-forma  letter of protest over the actions of the crazed hypocrite, Seraphim of Piraeus (who is in reality a strange version of conservative new calendarism mixed with Romanidean Modernism).  It is if you actually do what all other Orthodox Christians have done throughout history and sever communion with heretical bishops, namely him and his, that you then find yourself in the worst of trouble.

So, to all you World Orthodox who claim to be ‘fighting from within’, Patriarchate Bartholomew doesn’t care what you say or think. You pose no threat to him; you are exactly where he wants you to be.  You can effectively do nothing; and if you do do anything, it will have little or no lasting effect.  However, there is one thing you can do that he would absolutely hate, and he would hate it because it would be contrary to the plan of his father, the Father of Lies, the Devil, and that is to become True Orthodox. It will save your soul.

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Synellines, everyone in Christ brothers and beloved children in the Lord,

When the six-member fraternity woefully under Chrysostom Katsoulieri motonomasthi in 2004 I.M.Esfigmenou announced that begins the persecution of our monastery. The Holy Community on the other, in an effort to conceal from the public the schedule of violent, announced that no persecution there that try to kerdisome impressions to fanome alleged martyrs suffered as heroes.
After ten years of persecution, after the deprivation of any property of our Monastery, following the seizure of vehicles and our boats and banning the use of new, after banning the use of liners Athos, could provlepsome insidious strategic plan a ruthless Patriarch. But after today’s incident seizure of Konaki Thessaloniki, which fathers use for their health care, it became obvious the dangerous “soft” war exercises against our sheepskins killing the wolf Phanar: Batting the father of the monastery our sensitive part of medical care.