Milan Synod: New Bishop for Spanish Archdiocese, New Parish in Aquila

(ortodossia-in-occidente) In the Milan Synod there are two items worthy of note. The diocese of Spain has been restored to its traditional rank of Archdiocese in the Autonomous Western Synod, and Chorbishop Idelfonso, one of the two chorbishops of the Archdiocese of Spain, has been elevated to the rank of Bishop of Segorbe and given a rank, for the present, as a direct vicariate of Milan. This gives the Spanish Church two Bishops, and restores the diocese of Segorbe, which in its Orthodox period lost its see in the early 8th century, when the cathedral was converted to a Mosque in the Mozarabic period.

As well, a new parish in the Aquila region has opened thanks to the requests of many Old Calendarists in the region to Metropolitan Eulogius. The new parish is named after the Archangels Gabriel and Michael and is pastored by Fr Justinian, a Romanian hieromonk with our Synod. Many years!