Russia: Sacrifices to the Gods in St Petersburg

2004: “Metropolitan Laurus: ‘We are left with very good impressions: churches and monasteries are being reborn, great works of renovation are under way, divine services are being conducted. Not only is the external splendor being reborn, but spiritual wealth is being rebuilt‘.”

(Interfax) – The rite of “exorcizing” world financial crisis will be held in crossroads of the Dvortsovy Passage and the Admiralteyskaya Embankment of St. Petersburg at 04:00 p.m. on Thursday.

“Crisis is not subjected to logics. It’s like storm grasps more and more. In ancient times, people made sacrifices to gods. We’ll revive this tradition,” the event’s organizers have told Interfax-Religion on Thursday.

The Magic Flight show ballet plans to give a fire show in the center of the city and conduct rites using torches. Ballet dancers promise to teach everyone how to use fire and conduct the rite. Businessmen, economists and all concerned are welcome.