MP Deacon Andrei Kuraev connects Bp Diomid to the Penza Cave

Didn’t we see this coming this past week?

As the Bishops’ Council of the Moscow Patriarchate opens, we’ve already seen the Patriarch using the coded language of Soviet days (an analysis of the whole speech would be a worthwhile task for its own article): beginning with talk of “apocalyptic sects”, a bugbear of sectarian madness smelling of a cave, which even Reuters had noticed was a transparent way of letting would-be traditionalists know their place if they get too loud during the council. Editorial: The “True Russian Orthodox Church” Setup

Now Deacon Andrei Kuraev, the Patriarchate’s so-called “traditionalist” leader has said exactly what they’ve been implying. And Bishop Diomid has given a perfectly sane response. Our bet: his official deposition should go into effect fairly soon. NFTU

“The latest drop for the Patriarchate was the events in Penza, when as a result of these virtual games a real corpse [was produced],” – said Deacon Andrei Kuraev, professor of Moscow Theological Academy Deacon Andrei Kurayev to reporters on June 27, commenting on the decision of Bishops of the ROC’s Cathedral on the deprivation of Bishop Diomid’s [episcopal] dignity. “This is very serious occurrence and in recent years, the church is on the verge of a split,” – he underscored. According to Kurayev, “the former bishop created a virtual reality in which there is an axiom that the end times have come and the Antichrist rules the world.”

“He is a bishop, and that virtual reality infects other people,” explained the deacon.

Bishop Diomid responded in an interview with Portal-Credo: “The 74th Apostolic Canon says: If any bishop has been accused of anything by men worthy of credit, he must be summoned by the bishops; and if he appears, and confesses, or is convicted, a suitable punishment must be inflicted upon him. But if when he is summoned he does not attend, let him be summoned a second time, two bishops being sent to him, for that purpose. If even then he will not attend, let him be summoned a third time, two bishops being again sent to him. But if even then he shall disregard the summons and not come, let the synod pronounce such sentence against him as appears right, that he may not seem to profit by avoiding judgment. Look for yourself and answer. But, apparently, this canon is no longer validly in force for Metropolitan Kirill. “

Earlier today, June 27, the Bishops’ Council, at the closing meeting of the ROC decided to defrock Bishop Diomid of Anadyr and Chukotka. At the same time, it was announced that the decision would be reversed (original wording: not be in force) in the case of Bishop Diomid’s repentance before the next meeting of the Holy Synod.