Ecumenical Patriarch Exchanges Kiss of Peace with New Pope

March 19, 2013 As noted in a previous NFTU post, the Ecumenical Patriarch Bartholomew (Archontonis) made plans to attend the installation of the head of the Vatican.  On  March 19th, 2013, the installation Mass for the new Pope, Francis I, was celebrated at the Vatican; wherein Pope Francis was invested with the pallium (omophor) and ring symbolic of the Roman Catholic teaching regarding the Papal Office.

During the Mass, at the Kiss of Peace, the Ecumenical Patriarch Bartholomew (along with the Armenian Monophysite/Anti-Chalcedonian Patriarch), approached the Roman altar and exchanged the kiss of peace with the Pope (2:13:24).  With the continued acceptance by the Ecumenical Patriarch and his bishops, of the Roman Catholic Church (as well as the endorsement given by the Moscow Patriarchate), the kiss of peace symbolize spiritual peace between Constantinople and Rome. It cannot be pushed off as simply a greeting (as this did not occur in anything resembling a non-liturgical personal environment, or in any cultural context).

The action transpired after the Roman eucharistic prayers, during the period that the Pope’s clergy exchange kiss of peace with their head. The continued endorsement by the Phanar of the non-Orthodox Vatican, even participation in liturgical rituals with the Vatican (which rejects Orthodox teachings), is in marked contrast to the violent persecution the Phanar has leveled on traditionalist monks on Mt. Athos (even going so far as to have traditionalist monks murdered when they refuse to be silent about and accept the Phanar’s ecumenical and modernist agenda).